AE's Twitter Cool 100 -- NOW With 5 BONUS Twits

With offense to intended, we're doing a Top 100 list. Why? For the same reason does them: they're an easy, cheap, half-a**ed way to get pageviews.

"Hey everybody, look!  We made a list and you're on it!"

This list is compiled of some of our favorite people on Twitter. Since we're (allegedly) a Marquette Basketball blog, it leans heavily on Marquette athletics. But other cool Milwaukee and Wisconsin people are on this list, too.  We don't discriminate.

1 @MichelleAmusic - Marquette Alum who just released a new album
2 @jpcadorin Time Warner Cable guy
3 @BLKICE3 - Bucks PG
4 @EastSideRambler - Snarky
5 @lanceallan - Channel 4 pretty boy
6 @LoriNickel - used to cover the team
7 @goldy17goldy - Chuckie Hacks was a great blog
8 @mikebroeker - The Deputy indeed
9 @bryanshore - the guy from those annoying TGIF Friday Brewers commercials
10 @MrJonBrockman - The new Bucks version of Marty Conlon?
11 @dwalsh76 - When not tweeting about kids music, he's ok.
12 @WarriorBrad - Our very own
13 @MUMolly - Queen of the MU Lists
14 @brianbowsher - the man behind @Muathletics
15 @muathletics - The front for @brianbowsher
16 @BC_Cab - Chuckie Hacks was a great blog
17 @TweetsFrom1982 - Relive the Brewers 82 season all over again
18 @thebuckychannel - Winks Thinks
19 @DonWadewitz - Mu alum. likes to broadcast.
20 @KingMe_DJ1 - D.J.O. Enough said
21 @DoctorsOfZa - Milwaukee Pizza review blog
22 @annmccartan - MU alum. Likes Cafe Lulu
23 @zajareich - our second biggest fan
24 @klwillis45 - Anonymous Eagle's biggest fan
25 @Mellow_22 - Jamail Jones
26 @TheDudekAbides - duuuuude 
27 @TeecycleTim - MU Alum. Social Media guru.
28 @MUCollegeofComm - The Admiral got his degree from this college
29 @mkecupcakeco - hmmmmmmm......cupcakes
30 @mitchnelles - ESPN radio dude
31 @TimothyBlair - The original Cracked Sidewalker
32 @newglarusbeer - hmmmmmmm beer
33 @Mu21 - Joe Fulce from the baseline!
34 @WarriorsForever - Exactly.
35 @timmysimmons - MU guy, met him at the BE tourney a couple years ago
36 @Luke_LeNoble - MU gate keeper. Very intimidating look. Sweetheart.
37 @DVoors - Likes KC & JoJo
38 @MichaelWittliff - Coach
39 @aglock - national writer #mubb fans have adopted.
40 @dannypudi - 'Community' funny man
41 @js_bizofsports - did you know Don is an alum?
42 @BrewCrewBabe - pretty cute for being a badgers fan.
43 @MKEPanthers - shameless plug for 'other' team in town
44 @sarahkirtcheff - Wicked cool MU alum living in NYC.
45 @BradGalli - will be an anchor on SportsCenter by 2012
46 @templon - Likes to talk about Google
47 @BtotheD - Clever. Damn funny
48 @kopps - hmmmmm custard
49 @CraigKoplien - Weatherman. Tweets about weather.
50 @VeezyV_2 - Vander Blue
51 @AJBombers - hmmmmmm barrie burgers
52 @DwightBuycks - um, Dwight Buycks
53 @bananza - Queen of Milwaukee Twitter?
54 @adam88nine - Radio guy
55 @mucottingham  - our AD
56 @Enrico_Palazzo_  - The Creative Revolution
57 @Kevin_McArdle - MU alum in KC
58 @jfriese - straight up cool dude who likes 'Dr. Who'
59 @WisBBYearbook - Mark Miller is simply, the man.
60 @MUTVSports - lots of good video from them all season long.
61 @PabstTheater - live concerts.
62 @diddy05 - There *was* nothing wrong w/ his name... until he was about twelve years old and that  no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys.
63 @AsSeenInWI - See things in WI
64 @mansond - MU/Bucks guy.
65 @howiemag - Milwaukee Mag good guy
66 @cfly - AP Stud muffin
67 @mushroomcloudmf - needs to tweet more
68 @BrianCarriveau - Packers Tweeting machine
69 @MarquetteU - Kind of had to put them on the list.
70 @CRStoli - Likes cigars and Fairuza Balk
71 @TheTeditorial - Fox Six Anchor dude. Heard he likes Koops Mustard.
72 @jenlada - Former MU cheerleader. Damn good reporter. Runner.
73 @vincevitrano - TMJ 4 funny man
74 @chadschomber - Handsome MU alum, living in rodent country.
75 @dmaciejewski - Likes beer.
76 @identifyourself - One half of the sexy duo known as "Tweet Up Girls"
77 @identify_urself - The other half of said sexy duo.
78 @RobHartWGN - MU Broadcasting alum. Thinks milk was a bad choice.
79 @MKEConsumer - need to save $$? follow them
80 @cmschneid19 - Had a scholarship offer from Al McGuire
81 @streetzapizza - Needs to be parked outside the BC this season.
82 @CrackedSidewlks - Original MU Blog.
83 @trenni - MLB Network star. MU alum.
84 @genemueller - Convert. Wasn't a MU fan until his kid went to MU.
85 @jouimet - has season tixs. That's all I know.
86 @marcEbennett - A Grimmace to society
87 @iBall_21 - Jamil Wilson
88 @Fabost - Ronald McDonald look-a-like
89 @WallyPingel - guy
90 @crichar3 - The rare, non-annoying Badger fan
91 @Tim_Vetscher - MU Broadcasting Alum. TV reporter in AZ.
92 @lifeafterfavre - Once gave me a compliment.
93 @BrewTownAndy - #EndHashTagAbuse
94 @notkenmacha - Not your Brewers Manager
95 @JohnAxfordStach - The stach is straight up sexy
96 @mattquandt - MQ is all you need to know.
97 @mualumnus - Zuch
98 @KarenWaldkirch - Blogging till the cows come home.
99 @TheMosey - don't fall for the #moseybait
100 @AnonymousEagle - Please follow us.

Since the Admiral compiled his list in roughly eight minutes, it was inevitable that some deserving Twitterers were mistakenly omitted (and that some undeserving Twitterers -- read: Badger fans -- snuck onto the list).  We apologize for the oversights.  Here are some of the most glaring omissions:

101 @mattfisher84 - Tremendous upside potential for this young MU fan.
102 @mykenk - Mike is the rare non-MU alum who's willing to defend MU's pride against Madison infidels.
103 @BrewCrewBall - The Snowman is easy to overlook. He only writes for 137 different blogs, including this one.
104 @miketotheg - Tremendous value pick right here.  Take Mike G at 104, and you'll win your Fantasy Twitter League.
105 @mjwizzy - Made a cool shirt, sources say.

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