1.10 Morning Coffee: Turtleneck & Sport Coat Edition

Between the Packers and Marquette, I don't think my sports teams want me to live to live past 40. All these close games are going to kill me.

I'm stealing this from Fark, because it's too damn good of a headline not to share: Dead bird epidemic continues: 53 Eagles found dead on a field in Philadelphia.

America, you've redeemed yourself at the box office.

I'm pissed I'm not on any of these Star Wars cakes.

Cee-Lo's "F**k You," done in sign language.

I may or may not actually own one of these products.

A list only a hipster would love.

Toto never sounded better.

This is the way to get your dream job.

Although Cracked Sidewalks stated it was the worst defense ever, I choose to look on the bright side: MU only had 2 turnovers, DJO was 1-6 from three, and JFB shot 4-13 -- and yet we still gave Pitt a run for their money. They're the #5 team in the country, at home. That's not a game I was expecting to win. Notre Dame tonight? Now a win needs to happen.

Grown men in turtlenecks and sport coats give me the heebie jeebies. They make me think of child molesters. I'm not saying Mike Brey is one, but he does dress the part. God, I hate Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is evil, must be destroyed.

The More You Know: Dwight Buycks overall shooting percentage last year was 41% and he shot 27% from beyond arc. This season he is 10% higher in each category at 51% and 37%, respectively.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Kevin McNamara: Easy Big East wins are rare - The middle teams (Notre Dame, Marquette) are scratching and clawing to get better.
Warrior Brad's "I'm the only sober one at the party" recap.
Rosiak's blog post and game recap.
Rosiak: It's a new-look Notre Dame.
South Bend Tribune also calls it a new look Notre Dame.
Cracked Sidewalks says: Let's Beat The Irish.
Want to bet on the game tonight? Here's talk on the spread. More here.
A computer gives us this preview.
Wesley Matthews gets some ESPN love.
Larry Brown Sports has more love for Wes.
Reggie Smith is going to UNLV.

Random Music Video: Pick Yourself Up by Stubborn All-Stars

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