An Anonymous Eagle Podcast? Eh, No: The Laptop Ate It Edition

Mr. Kensington, Warrior Brad, and I recorded possibly the most epic podcast in the short-but-illustrious history of the AnonyPod last night: we had special guests (I don't want to drop names, but I will say that their names rhymed with Marmot Bohanson and Dames Cranko, respectively); we had an in-house band; we broke down the Big East tiebreaker scenarios in a single sentence; and we had our first-ever animal guest, as Mr. Kensington spoke via videochat with Lin Xiong, a Chinese panda bear.

Sadly, though perhaps predictably, the overwhelming awesomeness of the podcast was simply too much for my netbook to handle, and the Acer decided to reduce the podcast to the technological equivalent of a shredded VHS tape.  Which is to say: it didn't record the forking thing at all.

Our apologies to all, but most especially to Lin Xiong, who skipped bath time to chat with Mr. K.

ANYWAY, I've been accused by some of the participants on the AnonyPod of deliberately destroying the podcast because, in a turn that rivals anything you've seen in an M. Night Shyamalan film, I said three nice things about Coach Buzz during our talk.  In an effort to conclusively prove that I did not play a part in the podcast's untimely demise, I reproduce those Three Nice Things here:

1) Junior Cadougan can play.  Good call, Coach.

2) During the pastry portion of the non-con schedule, I may have voiced a concern or two over the amount of time we were spending working the ball into Chris Otule in the paint.  I may have wondered what, exactly, we were trying to accomplish, since our offense was going to revolve around our wings and guards, not our big men.  During Sunday's game against Providence, we saw exactly what Coach Buzz was thinking: Otule dominated that game, and, more importantly, gave the wings several possessions where they didn't have to expend a lot of energy trying to create their own shots.  They dumped the ball into Otule and he went to work, oftentimes with outstanding results.  At the end of the year, when the legs are tired and the jump shots get flat, that's a nice luxury to have.  Good call, Coach.

3) You probably may have likely didn't notice that Providence was without guard Duke Mondy for Sunday's game; Mondy, who's reputedly the "defensive stopper" for Providence -- read: he takes the ball out of the net when the other team scores and inbounds it to Marshon Brooks -- was left home because of a coach's decision.  If you think you've heard Duke Mondy's name but can't remember why, it might be because he was the player that former Friar Johnnie Lacy and That Other Numbnuts met up with shortly after they (Lacy and Numbnuts) pummeled the crap out of some unsuspecting PC student last spring.  There's no indication that Mondy was involved in the assault, for sure, but he's not enhancing his reputation at all by getting left behind so late in the year.

ANYWAY, all of that is a long way of saying: we don't have to put up with distractions like that under Coach Buzz, and that's refreshing, because the only thing that's more frustrating than talking about a team that's struggling is talking about a team that's struggling AND is populated with knuckleheads.  So: good call, Coach.

We also talked a lot about Jimmy Butler, but I can sum that up in six words: I love you SO MUCH, Jimmy.

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