3.28 Morning Coffee: Future Is Bright Edition

It's alright big fella, the future looks very bright. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Want to know who Rubie really is? He's Steve Warren. He still has the 'stache, glasses and jacket.

I hate you Sean Penn.

Want better sound from your iPhone? Try this.

In other related iPod news: duh.

Guns N Roses - Road Gay?

Nick Charles from CNN Sports Tonight fame is about to pass away.

Wimpy kid ain't so wimpy.

Best version of Friday you'll ever hear.

Apparently being a fat, average golfer who wears ugly pants can get you lots of women, even when you're married.

Dear Andy Glockner: I need some numbers for the Powerball.

When I tell people that Wisconsin is like the south, only colder, it's stories like this that help my case. Congrats on the Final Four, Shaka.

Marquette Thoughts:
- Sorry Oklahoma. You can't have it. Not yours.
- Buzz warned us he wanted the UNC game to be ugly. Lord was it ever.
- Outstanding to see Frozena hit a 3 at the end. That's something he'll keep for the rest of his life. He earned it with his thankless effort over the past four years.
- UNC's length was a bigger problem than anticipated and our sloppy passing didn't help.
- I'll take a Sweet Sixteen run any damn year. Sure, this season had some rough parts, but in the end it's hard to complain with how it finished. I like where this team is headed.
- I checked all the brackets I am in and they're all over. Nobody has anybody left. You want parity in college hoops? You got it. Not a single 1 or 2 seed in the Final Four. A shame that the two mid-majors have to eliminate each other. CBS would cringe at a mid-major finale.

A friend sent this via e-mail today:

I am at the airport yesterday and a woman walks up to me and says ‘you can have Crean back anytime you want.’ It took me a second but she was wearing an Indiana hat. Apparently, Indiana fans are getting tired of Crean’s act.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Rubie's recap.
Incoming recruit Juan Anderson's highlight reel. Yep, the future looks bright.
MUTV Sports recap.
Marquette was exposed.
ACC is hypocritical.
NPR story on Buzz.

Random Music Video
: Timbuk 3 - The Future's So Bright

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