2.20 Morning Coffee: Jaemazing Edition

It's Jae Crowder's world, he just lets us live in it.

As someone who attended Marquette during the Mike Deane area, I hope you sit back and enjoy how good this team is and how fun they are to watch. Hell, anyone under the age of 30 has been spoiled by the success of this team over the past 10 years. They seemed on a mission Saturday and UConn looked lost. The difference in team speed was ridiculous. UConn looked gassed with 5 minutes left to go in the first half.

Here are the Big East standings. Still sitting tied w/ Notre Dame. Stupid Villanova. A single bye is guaranteed, but I still think that 13-5 should be enough for a double bye. Go 2-2 over the final four games and things should be looking pretty good.

I'm guessing despite the teams who lost in front of them this weekend, Marquette won't crack the Top 10 this week. The fact that this team, despite losing Otule and Gardner, is potentially a 3 seed in the NCAA tournament is a testament to Buzz's coaching skills. Now, just don't sh*t the bed against Rutgers and we'll be good. I would also like a win again West Virginia. Give Huggins and company a nice parting gift.

Scary Thought: This team next year without DJO and Jae.


RIP, Frank.

Annoyed by e--mail? Blame V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai.

$80 and worth every penny.

Everybody dance now.

Women. Are. Crazy. There is no debate.

Well said, The Simpsons.

Why is there never a "both, at the same time" option?

I did an interview w/ Dan Zanes of the Del Fuegos.

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Random music video: The Lumineers - Ho Hey

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