3.22 Morning Coffee: Gameday Edition

Mar 21, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Marquette Golden Eagles head coach Buzz Williams shoots the ball during practice the day before the semifinals of the west region of the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Florida is evil and must be destroyed.

Enough of the trivial nonsense. It's gameday. KenPom has the game down to 52% win probability for Florida. So in other words, it's still a toss up. However, this is encouraging about tonight's game. I don't feel any more confident then I did against BYU or Murray State. This game should be a tight one from start to finish.

Want to know what the enemy is up to? Check out Alligator Army.

I did it backhandedly the other day, but BTA gives you a more heartfelt thanks.

Oh, Hollywood.

I already have a tattoo. I don't need one that vibrates.

Fake and Fatal movie sports.

Very clever.

Twitter turned 6 years old.

Teenagers are still stupid.

Reebok wasn't too smart with this campaign.

Must Read: The "Don't Worry About" section of this letter that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter is FANTASTIC.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Buzz hit a half court shot yesterday.
Lori Nickel does what she does best: feature story on Buzz.
GoMarquette has a preview.
CBS: Sooner or later, Buzz will reach the Final Four.
USA Today: Jae and DJO senior leaders.
NBC: Why Jae is so valuable against Florida.
ESPN: Marquette vs. Florida preview.
Marquette Tribune: Hoping to take bite out of Gators.
Paint Touches: Looks and feels like 2003.
Sporting News: MU-UF preview.
Florida has too much talent for Marquette.
Breaking news: College Kids In Bars.
Buzz is hobnobbing with the big boys.
Grantland uses fuzzy math and has Marquette in the title game.
Jae is getting a feature on CBS tonight.
Billy Donovan has high praise for Jae.
Get ready for a blistering pace.
Despite late season slumps, MU and UF keep moving on.
Marquette expecting potent UF offense.
For those of you who like to gamble.
Gators: Hey! We're tough too!
Gators defense will be the key.
More on Duane Wilson's commit.
Marquette poses problems for the Gators.
Buzz doesn't have much pressure.
Wesley Matthews had a sick assist last night.
Number one in Social Media Madness.
Selective headline writing!

Random Music Video: AC/DC

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