3.5 Morning Coffee: What Took So Long Edition.

Mar 3, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Marquette Golden Eagles cheerleaders perform during the second half against the Georgetown Hoyas at the Bradley Center. Marquette defeated Georgetown 83-69. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

Quick programming note to the Coffee's seven readers. We'll have a Morning Coffee on Thursday and Friday this week.

I understand the love for the student section. The chant at the start of the game was fantastic. It helped add to a great atmosphere for the game. A unique chant that you won't see anywhere else. BUT…..Why on earth did it take until the FINAL home game of the season to make it happen? I lived thru the Mike Deane era. You kids have no idea how good you have it. Show that type of enthusiasm all season long.

Undefeated at home in Big East play and 15-1 at home overall. Best finish in the Big East and most wins ever in the Big East. This team was something special. Thankfully, it's not over yet.

I think MU's chance at the 2 seed are pretty slim. Based on the S-Curve, I'd be shocked if we jumped into the #2 slot. Even if we win the Big East Tournament, it would be very hard for the committee to put us in the 2 line. Unless one of the teams ahead of us has a disastrous conference tournament. But even then, it looks doubtful. So just expect the 3 seed next Sunday and you won't be let down. Listen, I just want the regional in Omaha so I can go home for a couple days.

Things look good for more Community.

Keep beating that dead horse KISS.

Parents, stop whining about The Lorax.


Nerds, open up your wallets.

Con Air 2? Make it happen Hollywood.

Dueling reviews of the new Springsteen album.

LOVE, Love.

Yep, the same fans who cheered for Barry Bonds.

This may be the first time Lindsay Lohan had trouble doing lines.

Digging this band called The Honey Brothers. DESPITE having that loser from Entourage in the band.

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Big East is still paying for a fumble.
Bog East Coast Bias Awards: Player, coach. Part two: Disappointment & surprise.
No love for MU here.
A look at the balls used on home courts.

Random Music Video: Madness - One Step Beyond.

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