8.20 Mid-Day 5 Hour Energy: Back At It Edition

Yeah, I know this is going up around noon, Buzz. You don't have to sarcastically clap about it.

It's a little later than normal, so we'll change the name of the Morning Coffee this week.

You may have noticed the lack of a Morning Coffee last Monday, but there's a good reason for that: I was in Minnesota for a wedding. While the details of that are most likely incredibly boring to all of you, I did get a chance to go on two food adventures while in the Twin Cities. On Sunday, I went to The Blue Door Pub for their variation on the Twin Cities tradition of the Juicy Lucy. I went with the Breakfast Blucy (fried egg on a burger FTW) while Mrs. B enjoyed the original Blucy. It's a tiny little place dropped into the middle of a residential neighborhood in St. Paul, but the food and beer was great.

On Monday morning before we headed home, we went into downtown Minneapolis for breakfast at Hell's Kitchen. I had the Bison Benedict, because seriously, how often do you get bison sausage on anything? I also had an order of their toasted sausage bread, which was strange, different, and delicious. The homemade peanut butter that came along with the sausage bread was SO GOOD that I bought a jar of it to bring home.

Thumbs up to both places, although I don't know if I'll ever go back to either one of them again in the name of food adventuring. That probably has more to do with the lack of time I spend in Minnesota, though.

Scully said Oh My God a lot.

The best GIFs of the Olympics.

Ten essential MST3K episodes.

Plants vs Zombies is getting a sequel next spring.

RED ALERT. You can purchase Ron Swanson's moustache. You have been advised.

For the freshmen moving on on Wednesday, every major's terrible.

Marquette Links:
Livid and Rodential are tied right now.
2 Golden Eagles made the preseason volleyball all conference team.
Women's soccer started out the season with a win.
Mike Aresco is YOUR new commissioner.
Paint Touches has been looking at how Buzz might fill the last 2013 scholarship.
Jim McIlvaine won a social media award.

Random Music Video: Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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