Does NBC Sports Know Something That No One Else Does?

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

It's been a very interesting week for Marquette discussion on College Basketball Talk.

First, there was this post about New Year's Resolutions for Marquette written by Scott Phillips, which contained this:

WHAT DOES MARQUETTE PROMISE TO DO MORE OF?: Get more consistent production from their backcourt.

Why it will happen: Junior point guard Derrick Wilson is a fine defender and distributor and senior Jake Thomas is the team’s best shooter, but neither of them have the capability to be well-rounded offensive threats like junior Todd Mayo and freshman point guard Duane Wilson (no relation to Derrick) — who is practicing with the team after returning from a leg injury. The debut of Duane Wilson and more consistent playing time for Mayo should help the Golden Eagles’ offense immensely.

Well, okay, I guess. We'd all like to see that happen, but Wilson hasn't played at all yet, and I don't know if he's even had 10 practices yet.

Then there was this Big East Conference Catchup today from Rob Dauster, where he said this:

You’d be foolish to count out a Buzz Williams team regardless of how many chances they whiffed on in non-conference play. Marquette has the league’s best front line and will only get better as Duane Wilson and JaJuan Johnson get more reps.

And this:

Most Important Player (in league play): JaJuan Johnson and Duane Wilson, Marquette

The Golden Eagles have one of the best front lines in the country. Davante Gardner, Jamil Wilson and Chris Otule are as good as anyone. But Marquette needs to find consistency on the perimeter. They need shooters and scorers and people that can break down a defense. Johnson and Wilson, who is still working his way back from a leg injury, can do that.

So what are we seeing here? Both men acknowledge that we're talking about Wilson's debut, but both also have pegged Wilson as the apparent savior of Marquette's season.

I've long since given up on Michael Hunt as a source of information about Marquette basketball after he couldn't be bothered to 1) find out that Duane Wilson had returned to practice or 2) Todd Mayo was suspended for the Wisconsin game. But is it possible that the folks at NBC Sports have some sort of weird tap in to information about MU hoops? Or are they just being optimistic about things from a distance without any true inside information?

For my own sanity, I've stopped worrying about when and/or if Duane Wilson will play for Marquette this season. Either he will play, and play soon, or he'll continue to not play and pick up a redshirt and debut next season. Buzz Williams has enough talent on his bench without Wilson to perform well in Big East play. Unless Wilson is a transcendent talent who can jump into the deep end with both feet, MU's fate rests with the team we've already seen so far this season.

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