OH BOY, Lacrosse Gear!

No, not this picture. We've got more good stuff further down. - Maggie Casey/MarquetteImages.com

Inside Lacrosse has an excellent look at the various gear that Marquette will be sporting this season.

Head coach Joe Amplo's team gets their inaugural season started this Saturday against the 17th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. It's going to be a stern test of a team beginning their trek through Division 1 lacrosse, but thanks to Inside Lacrosse, we know they're going to look damn good regardless of the final score.


Those are some snazzy looking helmets. If you head over to Inside Lacrosse, you can see a picture of the logo stamp on the chinstrap inside the helmets. They're slightly different than the white helmets that we've seen MU wear in the past, as the white ones have a slightly smaller MU logo on both sides of the helmet. Those might just be practice helmets, although it does raise a question: Are there baby blue helmets on the horizon?


Here's a collection of the various gloves, arm guards, and arm pads from STX that have been specially created for Marquette. You can see up close pictures of each individual colorway over on Inside Lacrosse, so I'm not going to bog you down here with all of those. Pretty slick, huh?


Last picture: The official lacrosse toque, because when you're going to be playing lacrosse in Columbus, OH, on February 23 (predicted high: 41 degrees), you're going to need a nice cap to keep you warm on the sidelines. You might remember last seeing these bad boys on the men's basketball team onboard the USS Yorktown.

Like I said, there's lots more pictures over on Inside Lacrosse, including all of their training and sideline gear from Nike, so go check those out. One thing that you'll notice is not included here is pictures of any jerseys. Inside Lacrosse has pictures of MU's reversible practice jerseys, but nothing as far as official in game wear. I guess we'll have to wait until Saturday to see if @MarquetteMLax or @muathletics will hook us up with a view of the boys as they take the field.

(h/t to @ImYrWoodbury for the IL.com link)

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