Get To Know Butler


We're going to be seeing a lot of them over the next few decades...

NAME: Butler University

LOCATION: Indianapolis, Indiana

FOUNDED BY: Ovid Butler

FOUNDED IN: 1855 as... well, would you look at this. Butler was originally named North Western Christian University. Well, you guys will fit right into the Big East more than we originally thought.

OVID BUTLER, FORWARD THINKER: Butler was an abolitionist, so it's not surprising that he built that into the charter. On top of that, Butler was the first university in Indiana to go co-ed, and the first university in the United States to endow a chair specifically for a woman.

ENROLLMENT: 4,244 as of Fall 2012.

THE CLOSEST THING TO SOMETHING INTERESTING I CAN FIND: Their Res Life department conned some students to making what amounts to a series of "Butler Cribs" episodes.

FAMOUS ALUMNI: Other than people involved with the basketball program, there's no one interesting on the list. What *was* fascinating was the fact that Gordon Hayward has embarked on a pro video gaming career when not at his day job... PLAYING FOR THE UTAH JAZZ.

NICKNAME: Bulldogs

HOME ARENA: Hinkle Fieldhouse

HEY, ISN'T THAT: Yes, they filmed the championship game from Hoosiers there.

AND THEY DID THAT BECAUSE: The 1954 Milan Miracle did happen in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

HEAD COACH: Noted 14 year old Brad Stevens, in his 6th season

HEY, HOW'D HE GET THIS JOB: Thad Matta promoted him from unpaid volunteer to coordinator of basketball operations because one of Matta's assistants resigned after getting arrested on solicitation and drug charges - WHILE ON A RECRUITING TRIP. Two head coach departures later, BOOM, 30 year old head coach.


*KA-CHUNG* Ohhhhhhhhh. Never gets old.


rassum frassum clarke running one handed contested 35 footer can't even be upset rumble grumble

BEST WIN THIS YEAR: Using the rankings, that'd be their OT win over #3 Indiana back on December 15th.

WORST LOSS THIS YEAR: They lost - AT HOME - to #127th ranked Charlotte, 71-67.

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