The Return of Tweet Of The Week!

Yeah, averting your eyes is probably a good idea, Ox. - Nick Laham

Ok, so we let a weekly feature lapse for the last three months. These things happen.

But sometimes someone takes to Twitter and spits fire and causes us to get back to it.

On Sunday, Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel posted an entry to's Golden Eagles Blog about Luke Fischer transferring to Marquette just eight hours after Fischer announced the news himself. In the post, Hunt had this to say:

Fischer's transfer to Marquette gives the Golden Eagles their first legimate (sic) post player since Robert Jackson for one season in 2003 and Jim McIlvaine in the '80s.

Well, where do we start? Well, we start with an apology, first of all. I've gone after Michael Hunt enough on our site that it gets tiring sometimes. As I didn't see Hunt's post until 7pm on Sunday night, I didn't hurry to my computer to write a whole post about it. I apologize to you, our fair readers, for that.

But as it turns out, my hesitation worked out for the best. We turn the show over to Marquette deputy athletic director Mike Broeker:

Oh, that's right. Michael Hunt doesn't think that Davante Gardner or Chris Otule are legitimate post players. If you want to make the argument that Otule's not a legitimate post player because of his lack of offensive domination, fine. But according to, Davante Gardner takes 48% of his shots at the rim, and 18% of those shots come on offensive rebound putbacks. We're talking about a guy who was named to the preseason all-Big East first team because of his nimble footwork and feathery touch around the basket, and he's somehow NOT a post player?

Hunt then doubles down on his refusal to acknowledge a current member of the team by failing to grab a copy of Marquette's media guide from any time in the last 20 years or even looking at Wikipedia. Jim McIlvaine made his debut in a Marquette uniform during the 1990-1991 season, thereby making it literally impossible for him to a legitimate post player for the Warriors in the 1980s.

In the span of one sentence, Michael Hunt turned a blind eye to the composition of the team that he's currently covering and conveyed a flat out falsehood to his readers. Even worse, as I type this 24 hours after I saw it, it has gone unedited on the Journal Sentinel's website.

I really hope that none of this ended up in the print version of the Journal Sentinel yesterday morning.

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