Notes From the Student Section vs. The Refs... I Mean Georgetown

Well wasn't that fun? I always enjoy seeing Georgetown at the Bradley Center. After almost blowing it again Marquette pulled away in a must win game to keep their tournament hopes alive. Survive and Advance. Game time was at 8:00 which mean they unleashed the hoard into the arena at 6:30. Again, it was disappointing not to see students get to the BC early but I am feeling more understanding today because of reasons I will explain later. Now its time for my favorite section, the pros and cons.


  • The student section filled half of the upper bowl. Now I know what you are all thinking. How in the world can this be a pro? Well consider the circumstances of the week. Mid-terms for students are next week and I myself had 2 tests and a paper this week and 2 more tests next week. I am very proud of students showing up even though there was probably a lot of work to be done.
  • I love Georgetown fans, they are the exact opposite of Creighton fans. They kept to themselves cheered for their team and did not taunt MU fans. Also extra props to this one girl. I was feeling pretty snarky at one point during the game and decided to yell "Whats a Hoya?" This girl had a business card explaining what a Hoya was. Props to you and I apologize for being a snarky jerk.
  • The students behind me. These two kids behind me were nothing but supportive of Juan Anderson in a non-sarcastic way. We know that our players make head scratching decisions but instead of getting on their case, support them instead. After all, they're only 18-22 years old.
  • Buzz or JT3 not getting rattled after the two technicals. More to come on this later. Also it was pretty funny to see the home crowd jeer a technical for the other team
  • "Let the boys play" chant. Nuff said.
  • It is, and will always be, fun to make fun of Nate Lubick.
  • The "kiss-cam" was not the "incest-cam" for the first time in awhile. Finally did not have a brother-sister pairing.
  • Nice "We are Marquette" chant as the game was getting to crunch time.


  • REF-SHOW. Might as well get this out of the way now. There was no flow to the second half. I almost feel bad for Georgetown as they were forced to use 4th string center Bradley Hayes. Needless to say The Ox, Davante Gardner, went to work
  • Never in my life have I seen a make-up technical. It was that bad.
  • Bradley Center enthusiasm. Until the final four minutes the crowd was absolutely dead. I cannot completely blame the crowd as the refs just killed the flow of the game but it was a pretty weak effort all around.
  • We really need some new promotions and TV timeout games. It's really starting to get old.
  • Not really related to this game but the scheduling has been horrendous. The senior day against St. Johns is when the students are on spring break.

Well that just about wraps up this edition. See you all on March 8th for senior day against St. Johns.

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