Notes From the Student Section vs. St. Johns. Senior Day Edition.

Well unless Marquette is playing a NIT game at the AL (which apparently is entirely possible) that will be the last time MU fans will be able to see Jake Thomas, Jamil Wilson, Davante Gardner and ageless wonder, Chris Otule at home. Congrats on a wonderful career boys. Sorry this is pretty late Spring Break started and I have been, uh, busy making for up all of the time I spent studying last week. That was a brutal loss and I really don't want to think about it any further so this may end up just paying tribute to seniors.


  • Senior day montage. I was sitting in the first row right by the tunnel and had a nice chat with Jake and how we were both hoping that the 4 point play against Cuse was on there. Sure enough it was and we both smiled at that. Fun fact, it was his favorite moment in a Marquette uniform.
  • Props to the students managing to fill the lower bowl and some of the upper bowl even though it was the start of break. Granted there were a lot of parents and siblings in the "student section" (my dad included) but Im gonna go ahead and give credit to the students for bringing their family out to the game.
  • I know I had the Bradley Center and Marquette promotional crew as a con last week and I stand by that. However, whoever is in charge of the BC music is always on top of their game. They make me laugh or get me extremely pumped up at least once a game. So props to you mystery man.
  • 6 points in 11 seconds.
  • Buzz calling out those who left for not staying for the senior day ceremony. That made me chuckle and also made me feel like Buzz has been waiting to call out the MU fan base for the entire season.
  • Todd Mayo is a grown ass man.

  • The first 37 minutes of the game had no energy and were extremely boring considering how close the game was. I don't know what it was but I just didn't get into it.
  • I'm putting myself on the con list today. I absolutely gave up in the last 30 seconds. I was talking to my friend just complaining about certain aspects of the game. Even started putting my sweatpants on. I guess I should have learned from Davidson last year that I shouldn't be that presumptuous.
  • Certain MU message boards...Ill just leave it at that.
  • My sandwich was not worth the $12.50. I was really looking forward to a good barbecue brisket sandwich (It was the special) and there was even a good amount of meat on there but alas, I ended up being very disappointed with my purchase. Now I know and just stick to the chicken tenders.
  • Steve Lavin's mouth. How would your mother feel about those words?
Not quite sure how to categorize:
  • This one fan from St. Johns. He was annoying but he was cheering for his team and messing around with the mascot. No where near as douchey as the Creighton fans because he didn't taunt us but he still annoyed me.
  • This will be the last time we get to see Davante Gardner live. I am really gonna miss the big fella and he was not only a great basketball player, but a great entertainer as well. I am so sad to see him go but he brought some great memories. That near perfect performance against Syracuse was something special. We'll miss you Ox.
Well this is it for this season. I really appreciate all of your positive comments and the plan is to keep doing this so long as I am a student. Just one more thing. Be positive. Have a little faith in these guys and Buzz that they can pull out a small miracle in the BET. Negativity isn't going to get you anywhere but enjoy the ride and hope like hell that Todd Mayo can do his best Kemba Walker impersonation. Its a new season and records do not matter. 3 games in 3 days. Enjoy the tournament and the last moments of Davante in a MU uniform.

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