That's What They Said

Jon Rothstein Is A Complicated Man

The CBS Sports college basketball insider offered his thoughts on the key players in the Big East for 2014-15. He ended up leaving some people confused.

Coach Nelson Is On Top Of The Shooting Practice


Gotta respect the man for being ahead of our request for extra work with him in the gym, right?

Why I Was Cheering For Providence


With Marquette booted from the Big East tournament, I was free to choose sides on who I wanted to win Saturday night's championship game. I sided with the Friars, and after the game, a Bluejays fan...

Did Burton Have To Sit For Better Defense?


After last night's loss to Xavier in the Big East tournament, head coach Buzz Williams said Deonte Burton only played 10 second half minutes for defensive reasons. Did it work?

"In A Position To Be In A Position"


Sometimes Buzz Williams provides you the quote to go along with what you were going to write anyway.

I Don't Understand Michael Hunt's Point


I mean, I see where he was trying to go, but there's some major logic flaws here.

Competitive Inequities In The Schedule


A comment from Buzz Williams after yesterday's St. John's game got me to thinking, and thinking led to research.

Michael Hunt Has Clearly Stopped Caring


I mean, what other explanation is there?

In Which I Offer A Rebuttal


I'm not tearing down a fellow SB Nation writer here. He has a valid opinion. I just disagree with everything he wrote.

Hey, What The Hell, Michael Hunt?


All I'm asking for is a copy editor. Is that too much?

BADGER HATE WEEK: Better Dead Than Red


Michael Locicero of the Marquette Tribune wrote a great column last week about Notre Dame that also applies to Wisconsin.

The Michael Hunt Era Has Not Started Out Well


The Journal-Sentinel's new Marquette beat reporter is a little slow on the uptake on his first news story.

Today in Bias, Or: When Fans Report!


The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's blog post about the departure of TJ Taylor was... how to put this... not quite right.

That's What They Said: 2012 NBA Draft Edition


We take a spin around the interwebs to see what people have to say about the newest Marquette additions to the NBA.

The 2012 NBA Draft: Mock Draft Collection


We take a spin around the Internet to see what they have to say about the draft prospects for the two Golden Eagles.

There's No Offseason For Jackassery


Hack journalist exposed by Twitter. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Mike Broeker: Dropping Knowledge


The Golden Eagles deputy AD hopped on Twitter last night and handed out all kinds of tasty tidbits about Marquette basketball.

Oh, This Is Getting Interesting Fast


Former Golden Eagle Jimmy Butler has to put up with a Gator in his office this week.

A Letter To The Editor


As published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today. I don't understand it. Do you?

No, Really, What's Up With Davante Gardner?


We asked this before and didn't get a good answer. We ask again and the answers get worse.

That's What They Said: Whither Jimmy Butler? Edition


A morning roundup of what the experts are saying about Jimmy Butler's draft prospects.

The Inquisition: On All Things Tar Heels With Carolina March


Marquette can reach the Elite 8 for the first time in eight years on Friday. Standing in their way: the Tar Heels of North Carolina. To prepare you for the matchup, we traded questions with SBN's...

Wednesday Morning Hot Chocolate: SNOW DAY Edition


You look cold, kids.  Take a break from shoveling and enjoy this piping hot cup of Wednesday Morning Hot Chocolate. Not only is it the Snowpocalpyse today, it's also Groundhog Day.  Here are twelve...

That's What They Said: Nashville Heist Edition


Trolling the Interwebs for reaction to Marquette's heartbreaking loss to Vanderbilt.

That's What They Said: Lazar Gets Thrown to the Wolves Edition


As is my custom, I was doing about twelve different things during the NBA Draft last night, looking up intermittently as the first round moved along. And I happened to be looking at the TV as David...

It's Game Day, Fire Up Marquette!


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