Four Factors

Four Factors: Marquette vs St. John's

Let's pick at this carcass as we get ready for tonight's Big East tournament game against Xavier.

Four Factors: Marquette at Providence

Well, we'll always have the offensive rebounding to remember.

Four Factors: Marquette at Villanova

The first half went pretty well from a statistical point of view. The second half did not, and that shows in the final results.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Georgetown

Let's take a wind through some stats as we get ready for this afternoon's tangle with Villanova.

The DePaul Game Sucked

We struggled to come up with words to say about it and failed. Here's the Four Factors and some awards.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Creighton

Don't look at eFG%, don't look at eFG%, don't look at eFG%...

Four Factors: Marquette vs Xavier

Get ready to not get excited about Marquette's defense!

Four Factors: Marquette at Seton Hall

Other than Jamil Wilson's opening flurry, the Golden Eagles didn't shoot the ball very well against the Pirates. So how did they win the game?

Four Factors: Marquette vs Butler

The fifth factor? Todd Mayo.

Four Factors: Marquette at St. John's

Hey, offensive rebounding was great! That's something, right?


Four Factors: Marquette vs Villanova

Ok, let's see what happened here...

Four Factors: Marquette at Georgetown

Marquette snared a big road win on Monday night. How did they do it?

Four Factors: Marquette at Butler

Get ready to see nothing that will make you happy. Well, maybe one thing.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Seton Hall

We're going to have to find a way to separate the first half and the second half here.

Four Factors: Marquette at Xavier

Ok, let's try to make some sense of this.

Four Factors: Marquette vs DePaul

Let's forget about the disaster that was the first seven minutes and see what else was going on in Marquette's first Big East win of the season.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Creighton

Something (or somethings?) bad happened for Marquette against Creighton on Tuesday night. Let's see what it was, shall we?

Four Factors: Marquette vs New Mexico

Oh, this isn't going to be pretty.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Ball State

It was an easy victory for the Golden Eagles by the end of the game, but how did they get to that point? Let's take a look to see what the numbers have to say!

Recap + Four Factors = ?

We get experimental today, as we combine our regular recap with the usual Four Factors recap. Should be interesting, and if we're lucky, it's fun, too!

Four Factors: Marquette vs San Diego State

As Badger Hate Week continues, let's take a look back at Sunday night and see what the Four Factors have to tell us about Marquette's third loss of the season.

Four Factors: Marquette vs George Washington

Keep yourself up to speed on how MU did in the tempo free stats department heading into the Wooden Legacy championship game.

Four Factors: Marquette vs CS Fullerton

It's a quick turnaround to today's contest vs George Washington, but that's no reason to skip our look at the Four Factors!

Four Factors: Marquette vs Arizona State

You're gonna want something to break when you see Arizona State's effective field goal percentage, but other than that, there's a lot of things to like from Monday night's game.

Four Factors: Marquette vs New Hampshire

Ok, let's start comparing Marquette's single game performances against their season long marks in each of the Four Factors.

Four Factors: Marquette vs Ohio State

Let's see if we can find a bright spot here somewhere. There has to be at least one, right?

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