Marquette Hatchlings

Nick Noskowiak Thinks Wojo Is Keen

At least, that's the message that I got from what he said to Jason Galloway of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Marial Shayok And A Very Stupid Mistake

The high school coach of one of Marquette's signed recruits seems to be under the impression that his player is getting scholarship offers while still signed to play at MU in the fall.

Sandy Cohen Reaffirms His Commitment To MU

Time for a big gold star in the recruiting ledger for new head coach Steve Wojciechowski.

Ahmed Hill Spoke About His Recruiting Status

The Georgia native talked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about where he stands with Marquette and new head coach Steve Wojciechowski right now. Or at least, where he stood on Friday.

Malek Harris Is Officially Uncommitted

Joe Henriksen of the Chicago Sun-Times says Harris withdrew his verbal commitment when Buzz Williams departed for Virginia Tech, but this is the first I'm hearing of it. Harris has a current top 5 of Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Florida, Gonzaga, and Marquette, which is absolutely adorable.

Sandy Cohen On His Visit With Coach Wojciechowski

The visit with Coach Wojo was amazing. Can't wait to build a better relationship with him.

Straight off of his own Twitter account. Paint Touches got him to elaborate, and while he enjoyed the conversation with Wojo, Cohen has not made a decision on whether or not to officially request his release.

Let The Recruiting Chips Fall Where They May

Let's not hassle kids on Twitter about where they're going to college. They need to find their own way in the world, and bombing them with tweets is not the way to help.

Phillip Flory Reaffirms His Verbal Commitment To Marquette

Here's the catch: Flory has to call Marquette to tell them this, as the university is prohibited by NCAA rules from contacting Flory until the summer of 2015. Yes, we're talking about a verbal commitment where he can't be contacted for another 15 months.

Nick Noskowiak Reopens His Recruiting

The class of 2015 guard had only a verbal commitment to Marquette, so he's free to look around at other offers.


Sandy Cohen Has NOT Been Released From His NLI

Now what am I going to do with all of these The O.C. jokes that I've already written?

The 2014 Recruiting Class and MU's Next Coach

The good folks at Adidas asked us to look ahead to next year's recruiting class. Unfortunately, that's not something that MU fans can really concern themselves with right now.

So What Happens With The Recruits?

With the head coaching job currently vacant, let's all get on the same page as to what's going on with Marquette's basketball recruits, at least right now.

Post Crescent: Cohen thrives with help of coach, community

Ricardo Arguello wrote a wonderful piece on the Marquette signee, detailing Cohen's high school history which has a little bit of a Jimmy Butler theme to it.

Satchel Pierce Signs With Marquette

The 7 foot tall center from Akron, Ohio, has signed his letter of intent to play for Marquette beginning in the fall of 2014.

Marial Shayok Is Marquette's Third Signee

The 6'6" Canadian native is the last recruit that Marquette is expecting to turn in their national letter of intent during the fall signing period.

Sandy Cohen Officially Signed For Fall 2014

Cohen is the second of the four verbally committed recruits to have officially submitted his national letter of intent.

Ahmed Hill Signs With Marquette

The senior from Georgia made some tampering minded Missouri fans very sad and lonely.

Welcome To The Fall 2013 Signing Period

Marquette has four verbal commitments for the fall of 2014, and all four are eligible to sign their national letters of intent starting today. But will all four sign?

MU Adds F Marial Shayok To 2014 Verbal Commitments

The 6'6" forward joins Coach Buzz's 2014 recruiting class.

2014 G Ahmed Hill Verbally Commits To Marquette

Nice job by everyone who went to Marquette Madness to help tip the scales in favor of MU!

Report: Malek Harris Suspended For Senior Season

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the first verbal commitment of Marquette's 2014 recruiting class has been suspended for the entirety of his senior season, ending his high school career.

A Note Of Caution

While official games are still more than a month away, it's time to take a look at expectation levels for the newcomers to Marquette for this season.

No, Not That Sandy Cohen

The one that's in high school and plays basketball has verbally committed to play for Buzz Williams starting in the fall of 2014.

MU Gets Verbal Commit From '14 F Malek Harris

The soon to be senior looks to be exactly the kind of switchable that Buzz Williams likes to have on his team.

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