Know Your Foe

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Minnesota


We've arrived at the penultimate edition of our Gavitt Games preview series, and this game is more interesting that it was when the series was originally announced.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Northwestern

This week, we look at what the TV producers might consider to be the most intriguing game to arrange.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Michigan

Blue & Gold vs Maize & Blue...

Better Know A Gavitt Tipoff Games Opponent: Iowa


We're in the home stretch of possible Big Ten opponents, and this week we look at the Hawkeyes.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Illinois


This week, we turn our attention to one of the two Big Ten schools that occupies space in the state to the south of Wisconsin.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Ohio State


This week, we look at the most recent non-Badgers B1G opponent that Marquette has faced.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Indiana


Yes, it's Indiana. It's Indiana.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Rutgers


We close out the trio of opponents with eight games against Marquette with the one that the Golden Eagles have seen most recently.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Nebraska


We continue our series with one of the newer teams in the Big Ten, and possibly the unofficial second favorite school of AE.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Purdue


Eight all time contests against the Boilermakers, zero Marquette wins. Go figure, huh?

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Penn State


Onwards we go into an opponent that Marquette actually does have a history with, albeit a very small one.

Better Know A Gavitt Games Opponent: Maryland


We've got a long summer ahead of us, and a new shiny object to look at in the Gavitt Tipoff Games. Let's take a look at Marquette's history with each possible opponent in the new challenge series...

The Inquisition: Jack Attack Part 2


It's time to re-renew our long running series of questions and answers with our friends at SB Nation's Georgetown blog. Isn't it fun when we play the Hoyas twice a year?

The Inquisition: Q&A with Casual Hoya


Let's see if they're as excited about their team as we are about Marquette...

The Inquisition: Newbie Edition


We traded questions with Jacob Padilla, a writer for The Creightonian, the student newspaper down in Omaha. Here's what he had to tell us about the Bluejays.

Big East Men's Basketball: Where Are We Now?


Let's take a swing through the Big East and see what everyone's been getting up to as the conference schedule gets started today.

A By-The-Numbers Look At Grambling


In the past, we've dug into some statistics to preview Marquette's games. We're not going to dig too deeply here, but there are three very important numbers regarding tonight's game against Grambling.

8-Bit Previews: TOURNAMENT EDITION! Syracuse


With YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles set to tangle with the Syracuse Orange for a trip to the Final Four, here's our exclusive 8-bit look at the Elite 8.

8-Bit Previews: TOURNAMENT EDITION! Miami


Back and 8-bit-ier than ever, here's our overly-pixelated look at Marquette's Sweet 16 opponent, the Miami Hurricanes.

The Conundrum: Syracuse Or Indiana?


Marquette fans have a vested interest in the other East Regional semifinal. We try to lay out the reasons to cheer for either side.

Get To Know Miami


So, Miami, huh? What do we know about this school?

Get To Know Butler


We learned about Davidson before that game. Now we take a look at Butler.

8-Bit Previews: Tournament Edition! DAVIDSON


We bust out the 8-bit graphics to take a less-than-hard-hitting look at Marquette's opponent in the NCAA Tournament, the Wildcats of Davidson.

Get To Know Davidson


We're looking out for you. Here's a quick primer on Davidson College.

Blast from the Past: On the Notre Dame Burning Men


We originally ran this post before Marquette's game against Notre Dame last year. Unsurprisingly, the 2013 vintage of Fighting Irish basketball is just as slow and ugly as the 2012 version, so we...

The Inquisition: Jack Attack Redux W/ Casual Hoya


There's no rest for the wicked, both for YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles and your hard-bloggin' friends at Anonymous Eagle. To get you ready for Marquette's Monday night game against Georgetown, we...

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