Marquette Player Profiles

2013-2014 Player Review: #12 Derrick Wilson

We wrap up this year's series of reviews with the Marquette player that saw the most minutes of court time for better or for worse.

2013-2014 Player Review: #23 Jake Thomas

Brace yourself: I'm going to say nice things about the senior three point shooting specialist.

2013-2014 Player Review: #0 Jamil Wilson

A review of, perhaps, the player that best embodies the overall disappointment of the 2013-2014 Marquette season: Jamil Wilson

2013-2014 Player Review: #54 Davante Gardner

The 2013-2014 Player Reviews have reached the Final Four. Today it's the multi-talented, multi-monikered, Davante Gardner.

2013-2014 Player Reviews: #4 Todd Mayo

Next up on our parade of player reviews, A Tale of Two Halves: The Strange Story of Todd Mayo's Season.

2013-2014 Player Review: #42 Chris Otule

Long before there was Anonymous Eagle, there was Chris Otule. We continue our Player Reviews with a look back at the super duper senior's final season as a Golden Eagle.

2013-2014 Player Review: #10 Juan Anderson

Our Player Review series continues on today with the junior forward that almost transferred last off season.

2013-2014 Player Review: #30 Deonte Burton

Get ready to get annoyed with how this season went.

2013-2014 Player Review: #5 Jajuan Johnson

We go from the freshman with the lowest of expectations, to the freshman with the highest expectations. Our third review looks at the season of Jajuan Johnson.

2013-14 Player Review: #2 John Dawson

Our review series continues with the freshman that had the lowest amount of expectations at the beginning of the season.

2013-14 Player Review: #25 Steve Taylor, Jr.

It's been a week since the season ended, so let's get these started.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #0 Jamil Wilson

We wrap up our Player Previews with Marquette's leading returning rebounder, the Big Kringle himself.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #54 Davante Gardner

The penultimate Player Preview focuses on the reigning Big East Sixth Man of the Year.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #42 Chris Otule

The man in the middle returns for his sixth season at Marquette. Can he repeat the offensive form he had in the second half of last season?

'13-'14 Player Preview: #4 Todd Mayo

It's the Monday before the season starts, so we have another run of Player Previews for you! This time, it's the junior guard with the lost sophomore season.

2013-2014 Player Preview: #12 Derrick Wilson


The Middle Wilson is penciled in as Marquette's starting PG for 2013. You could say we're not entirely comfortable with that.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #10 Juan Anderson

It's our second straight player who asked for his release before eventually returning to Marquette last spring. Basketball is weird.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #23 Jake Thomas

I really don't know what to make of Thomas for this season.

2013-'14 Player Preview: #25 Steve Taylor, Jr.

Last year, Buzz Williams called Steve Taylor, Jr. the best freshman he'd ever signed at Marquette, and Taylor flashed that ability on occasion in his rookie campaign. Can he take the next step this...

2013-2014 Player Previews: #1 Duane Wilson

A bit of bump in the road for MU's newest Wilson.

2013-2014 Player Preview: #5 JaJuan Johnson

Could JJJ be MU's first impact freshman since....

'13-'14 Player Preview: #2 John Dawson

Train keeps a-rollin' with our Player Previews, as we move to the least heralded, yet now perhaps most important freshman.

'13-'14 Player Preview: #30 Deonte Burton

We start this year's Player Previews with the Marquette player that shares an exact name with a guy who plays for Nevada.

2012-13 Player Review: #13 Vander Blue


It's time for the big finale for Player Reviews!

2012-13 Player Review: #5 Junior Cadougan


We're on a hot streak with these player reviews after the hiatus! One more after this one!

2012-13 Player Review: #22 Trent Lockett


He was only here for one season, but it was a pretty good season.

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