Who Will Be The Next MU Player Drafted?


It's been two years since a Marquette player was taken in the NBA Draft. When will the next one happen? Is it a player that's already on the roster?

Matt Carlino Plans A Visit To Marquette

The BYU junior will be graduating this spring and is looking to transfer elsewhere for his final year of eligibility. We take a look at what he could mean to the Golden Eagles in 2014-15.

Marial Shayok And A Very Stupid Mistake

The high school coach of one of Marquette's signed recruits seems to be under the impression that his player is getting scholarship offers while still signed to play at MU in the fall.

Handicapping the Marquette Coaching Search


The reported targets for the MU coaching gig are coming in fast and furious. So... who ya got?

Katz: MU Meets With UT's Martin


Just minutes after I clicked publish on the Wojo story, ESPN's Andy Katz comes rumbling in with a story, reporting that "Marquette officials met Sunday with Tennessee coach Cuonzo Martin and there is significant interest from the Golden Eagles in hiring Martin away from the Vols, multiple sources told"

Yahoo: MU Is Looking at Duke's Wojciechowski


The 1998 Defensive Player of the Year has been on the Duke sidelines since 1999, and now the Golden Eagles are kicking the tires to see if he'd be interested in his first try as a head coach.

Goodman: MU Is Targeting UT's Cuonzo Martin


Is the Volunteers' head coach the mystery candidate that the ESPN insider mentioned on Thursday afternoon?

Shaka Gone: Why "Done Deal" Is A Big Deal


The last four days were completely and totally avoidable, and now Marquette is left to clean up the wreckage and continue on with the search for a new men's basketball coach.

Mr. Cords, Please Cancel Your Press Conference


I'm asking nicely. We all know you're not going to say anything that we can't already guess.

A Coaching Vacancy Edition Of Tweet Of The Week


Boy, yesterday was fun, huh?

2 Pieces Of Info On A Monday Morning

Marquette has reached out to one coach that's currently employed, and another coach that's currently employed got a raise.

Hunt: Marquette Has Contacted Ben Howland


Well, okay. I'd rather not know this if he's not going to take the job, but at least it's actual news.

Can We Stop The "Buzz To [Insert School]" Stories?


If any of these rumors were a real story, we wouldn't know about it. Want proof? Come on inside and I'll explain.

Does NBC Sports Know Something?


They seem to be very big on a forthcoming debut of Duane Wilson and his impact on Marquette's season.

Who's Getting Sent Home For The Summer?


Buzz is gonna send someone home, so we're going to try to figure out who it is.

Conjecture Corner: The Seven Want Out Now


The Seven have retained the same law firm that represented the NHL against the NHLPA in their recently ended lockout. Coincidence? Or intentional choice?

Maybe It's Time To Pick Up The Phone


Who's saying Pitt and Syracuse still want to leave for the ACC?

Is Jarrod Uthoff Seriously Considering Marquette?


Jarrod Uthoff's visiting schools. Does he really want to attend Marquette or is he doing something else?

So Where Do We Go Now?


Marquette has two open scholarships for the fall. How will they get used?

Buzz In Minnesota And What It Means


Twitter reveals that the Golden Eagles head coach was in Minnesota doing some recruiting. We figure out what this means for the team.

Buzz to SMU: Dissection of a Rumor, As Told Through Speculation


We try to make sense out of what the hell just happened.

Grist For the Mill: Your RUMORMONGERING Open Thread


Looking for rumors about Marquette's basketball program? You've come to the right place!

Get Ready For A Ride On The Coaching Carousel


I suppose we'll acknowledge Jeff Goodman's story about Buzz Williams and SMU.

In News Not Related to Last Night's Meltdown


Transferring Texas A&M freshman guard Jamal Branch is considering Marquette. But is Marquette considering him?

So You Want to Sign a Big Man? Apparently so does Buzz.


A recruiting post, better late than never

Conference Expansion Part Two – Yah! Speculation!


Speculation abounds regarding the future of Texas A&M athletics. If they change conferences, what does that mean for Marquette?

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