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Fans without borders

The New York Times' map of fandom says the Mets have no home. Does it reflect the real landscape of baseball?

JBL denies he's Cranky Vince; WWE staff might be

As the former champ sends out Facebook messages about whether or not he's behind a satirical Twitter account, rumors surface that WWE is trying to use social media to work fans. To which we say...

How I Won Movember


Raising a couple grand for charity in a month isn't easy, but it's easier than you think it is.

UFC Fight Night 26: Facebook Prelim Previews


The Facebook preliminary bouts for the inaugural UFC on FOX Sports 1 show showcases a cast of mostly TUF alumni in what promises to be a better-than-usual undercard.

5 Things We Learned from Shea Theodore's Tweets


We take a look at Anaheim Ducks first-round draft pick Shea Theodore's Twitter account to find out more about him.

ROH does the right thing regarding Jay Briscoe

Ring Of Honor have issued a public statement announcing that Jay Briscoe will make a public apology for his homophobic remarks on Twitter and has agreed to donate his next two ROH payoffs to the...

Socially connect at Social Media Central


The Tampa Bay Lightning launched "Bolts Social Central" earlier this season, a video wall behind section 128 in the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Fans can send their Tweets, Foursquare checkins, and...

WWE Main Event results & reactions for March 6

WWE 'Main Event' returned last night (Mar. 6, 2013); featuring Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes vs. Zack Ryder, and US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara in a non-title match.

Zack Ryder takes credit for WWE social media push

If you're wondering why WWE is so heavy in the social media game, or better yet if you're looking for someone to point the finger at, look no further than Zack Ryder. At least, that's what he claims.

Richard Simmons should host Saturday Night Live


Every once in a while I go to Richard Simmons' work-out class at his Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills. I've noticed over the last year that more and more gay men are showing up. When I first went a...

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