Why We Hate ...

UWM Fans Think MU Fans Should Be Sad

They seem to think that Marquette fans should be REALLY bothered by missing the NCAA tournament for the first time in nine years. But I've got a few things to remind them about.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Winter Catalogue: For The Kids!

Buckingham & Co. has just what you've been looking for to make the winter solstice season merry for your little ones.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Hopefully No One Watched

Wisconsin and Virginia played a 57 possession game and no one broke 50 points. At least no one watched the game, right? RIGHT?

BADGER HATE WEEK: Winter Catalogue Edition!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Badger fan on your holiday list? Buckingham & Co. has you covered with its 68th annual Winter Solstice mail order catalogue!

Mike Brey Needs To Shut His Mouth

For some reason, the Irish's head basketball coach seems to think that anyone gives a crap about what he thinks about what The Seven are doing.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Better Dead Than Red

Michael Locicero of the Marquette Tribune wrote a great column last week about Notre Dame that also applies to Wisconsin.


Oh, man, this is maybe the best thing to ever happen to Badger Hate Week. BIELEMA FOR BIG NOGGIN ON SATURDAY!

BADGER HATE WEEK: A Timeline Of UW-Madison Hoops

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I don't want to repeat anything about the history of Badgers basketball, so let's learn together, shall we?


It's the Christmas season, so loyal reader Buzz Williams' Spillproof Chiclets Cup fine tuned the lyrics to a classic carol to fit the theme of the week.


BADGER HATE WEEK: Here Comes The Hate

What's a Hate Week, you ask? It's quite simple, really. This week, YOUR Golden Eagles prepare for the Red Rodents of Madison by breaking down film, working on their half-court offense, and carbo-loading. We do the same, except we carbo-load HATE.


Marquette-Wisconsin: Make your pick!

BADGER HATE WEEK: A Brief Dissertation On Hate

Still looking for quality reasons to hate the Badgers? We've got them.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Badger Downfall

Hitler was really looking forward to Vander Blue attending Wisconsin.

BADGER HATE WEEK: I Made You A Gift. It's A Gif.

There's always money in making fun of Bo Ryan.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Fun Facts About BADgers!

Important facts to know badgers.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Bucky: The Pantsless Menace

An Investigative Report.

BADGER HATE WEEK: UW-Madison Basketball: A Timeline

The carefully recorded history of Badger Basketball.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Behind The Music: The Boys Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Investigative reporting at its finest: we uncover the story explaining how the University of Wisconsin owns exclusive rights to playing Jump Around.

BADGER HATE WEEK: If At First You Photoshop Fail ...

Go big or go home.

BADGER HATE WEEK: Design Your Own Badger Jersey Contest!

If you like Photoshops, contests, and hating the Wisconsin Badgers, this is the place for you!


We start with a light history lesson.

It's Coming ...

COMING SOON, to a Marquette blog near you, it's ... BADGER HATE WEEK 2011 ... our annual celebration of the all-consuming evil that festers 90 miles to the west. Since the Red Menace decided to...

The Case Against ... DAYTON.

It's time to continue our series of public service announcements to our young readers.  This week, we'll take a look at why we hate the Dayton Flyers. Sure, they're not a conference rival, and,...

The Case Against...Charlotte!!

For old time's sake, let's have some C-USA fun and take on Charlotte for this edition of the occasional "Case Against..." series.  Conference USA made for some strange bedfellows that didn't add...

The Case Against…Michigan State & Tom Izzo

Earlier this week, an astute commenter asked why there is a distinct anti-Michigan State bias on this blog.  This article is an attempt to fully explain that bias. Despite owning the month of...

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