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10.11 Morning Coffee: Columbus Day Edition

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Back in the saddle, thanks to Rubie for filling in last week. Rubie is now actually off traveling Europe this week. I imagine him walking around Italy with his fanny pack saying "Ciao" to every single person, cause that's the only Italian he knows.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday for Al's Run. I only walked 3 miles and yet I'm still sore today. For a great cause and was fantastic to see 15K+ participants this year. Kevin Buckley from Cracked Sidewalks has some photos.

This might be my last morning coffee post here at AE. Why? I might be dead after running the 3rd leg of this race this Saturday in Chicago. I've got obstacles 5 & 6. The stairs at Soldier Field are going to be brutal. This is the 4th year of the race, the winning relay team the first 3 years was a group called "The Marquette Guys." Hopefully we'll see a repeat from them again.

Please make sure to vote on the poll question at the bottom.

Question: What kind of loser with 41-16 lead in the 4th quarter goes for 2 instead of kicking a PAT? Answer: This loser. Stay classy Wisconsin.

Great headline.

Shocking news: a movie studio has a terrible idea.

Almost as bad as making another Bourne movie without putting Bourne in it.

The cigar guy has been found.

Old Spice meets Grover.

I wouldn't want to be Brooks Conrad today.

Dr. Who is coming to Utah.

Drew Brees is looking to the internet for name his baby.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Well the big news was Juan Anderson committing to Marquette. I'm not going to be all giddy about this. Recruiting is such a crap-shoot we have no idea how this kid will turn out. I hope for the best, but won't be disappointed if he isn't a world beater.
IWB has his story/interview with Juan Anderson.
Cracked Sidewalks says Buzz Seals The Deal.
From the Oakland Tribune.
A Cal blog mourns the loss.
From the Examiner.
Next up, can Buzz sign God's Gift?
Prior to Juan's commitment, Buzz was on Bob and Brian in the morning. Listen to the podcast here.
Buzz was also on WSSP, listen to the podcast here. Hearing about Davante Gardner's progress physically, is very encouraging.
Cracked Sidewalks has part three of their blogger round table.
Tipoff times & TV schedule have been set for the season.
Here's an interview with Buzz.
A Nova blog takes a look at Marquette.
The Trib talks about MU Football.

Random Music Video: Band. Of. Horses. Can't stop listening to this record.

That is all kids, I'm off to eat a Spaghetti Taco.