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10.25 Morning Coffee: Selective Limp Edition

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Is the camera on me? Oh, look at me limp, I'm such a warrior. (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)
Is the camera on me? Oh, look at me limp, I'm such a warrior. (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Will Rubie ever get back from Europe? I hear he's trying to become a French citizen. That seems fitting for him.

Most of Wisconsin is pretty happy this morning. The Packers finally beat the old man on their third attempt. He looks old and beat up. Of course, his coach Major Dad is whining about the officials. As someone with too many in-laws who love Brett Favre, I took great joy in last night. Did I miss the shots of Deanna in the suite cheering on her husband? I don't think so.

Jay Cutler's favorite target on offense? DeAngelo Hall.

Only eight more days of political ads. Can't wait for it to be over.

Children of the Corn? Yes. Mr. 3000? No.

Cousin Eddie wants asylum in Canada. (This is what happens when you marry crazy.)

Oh my lord.

I'm always a sucker for a Star Wars rumor.

This article was sent to me by reader klwillis45. The subject line was F. U. America. Watch Community'Thursday nights on NBC people. Don't make me hurt you.

For fans of Fringe.

Liam Neeson replaced Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2.

A-Rod leads the Rangers to the World Series.

Maybe I should start watching Glee.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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Chance of MU winning the whole thing? 1.2% (h/t Cracked Sidewalks)
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Rosiak stepped in front of the camera for media day. Hope to see him do more videos as the season goes on.
Haters be Hatin' - Coaches predict Marquette to finish 8th in the Big East.
Haters be Hatin' - Blue Ribbon predicts 11th place.
Rob Frozena got to go to NYC for Big East media day.
Buzz talks tempo free stats. (h/t Cracked Sidewalks)
Chicago Tribune gives #mubb some love.
Jimmy Butler makes #31 on this list.
Jimmy Butler's hometown has small snippet on him.

Random Music Video: Hot bass player alert: Abandoned Pools - The Remedy