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11.1 Morning Coffee: The Enforcer Edition

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Took Mrs. Ackbar to the Mumford & Sons show on Saturday night. Rubie came along w/ Mrs. Q. Fantastic f'n show. Holy hell, what a great show. Despite the company.

Find out what NFL cheerleaders dressed up as yesterday.

The best election story of the year.

Nebraska leapfrogging Wisconsin in the BCS makes me smile.

Gatekeeper and Keymaster FTW!

Erin Andrews as Clay Matthews was pretty solid too. Does she have pads on?

Garbage is getting back together.

Team Coco - Show Zero! (h/t klwillis45)

Mother of the Year. I don't think Hell is terrible enough of a place for that woman.

New trend. Not showering.

A violation of good taste? Yes. But an NCAA violation? Dear NCAA, your rules and regulations are absolutely absurd.

Marquette Basketball Links:
The big news is the passing of Marquette legend Maurice Lucas. The Marquette legend lost a long battle with bladder cancer. F*ck Cancer. I had a cancerous tumor taken out my bladder 4 years ago and I only have 2 words: F*ck Cancer. The NY Times has a story on Lucas. RIP to a true Warrior.
Cracked Sidewalks found more links on Lucas.
Dickie V even mentioned The Enforcer's passing.
Rosiak had a great story on Hank Raymonds.
Marquette scrimmaged Virginia on Saturday, good luck finding out any substantial info on what happened.
Thanks to Cracked Sidewalks and MU Scoop for sending readers our direction last week.
Fox Sports Jeff Goodman likes MU's backcourt.
It was Frozena Friday.
As expected, Lazar is making a good first impression.
FYI - AE's rosters have been updated.

Random Music Video: Tim Kasher - Cold Love. For those of you not married yet, here's a preview.