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A Marquette Thinker: Formidable Frosh

The minutes tick down to the debut of YOUR 2010-11 Marquette Golden Eagles, but we're still more than twenty-four hours away from the opening tilt vs. Prairie View A&M, and our predictions post isn't ready to go yet.  So: what better way to pass the time than another exercise in useless Marquette trivia?

Unless you've been chained to the furnace for the last six months, you know that expectations are high for the newbies on this year's Marquette squad; between Vander Blue, Reggie Smith, and Jamail Jones, this is probably the most heralded freshman class since the Holy Trinity of Dom James, Jerel McNeal, and Wes Matthews arrived back in 2005.  At the least, Blue and Smith should see a healthy amount of run this year, and they'll have a chance to crack the list of top ten scoring seasons for a Marquette freshman.

We'll try the rules one more time, and hope that people actual bother to read them this time:

Click on the link above to try your hand at the Sporcle quiz.  You have five (5) minutes to come up with the ten most prolific seasons (total points scored) by a Marquette freshman.  Post your score in the comments (if you're not ashamed), but do not comment on any specific answer (i.e., someone who was / wasn't on the list) until tomorrow (Friday) morning, so everyone gets a chance to take a stab at the quiz without having it spoiled for them. If you manage to get all ten answers, tell us how much time you had left on the clock when you got the last answer.

Again, you can find all the answers to this quiz with a quick Google search, but, lest you be tempted to do so, keep these things in mind: (1) we're not playing for money or beer or Coach Buzz's powder blue blazer; and (2) you'll have to live with the shame of cheating on an Internet quiz.  In sum: don't be lame.

Good luck!