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11.12 Morning Coffee: Game Day Edition

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The long off-season is finally over. It's Rob Frozena program day! I'll be at the game tonight, will you? I'll be there Sunday, too. I'll be drinking at the Irish bar behind section 208 at halftime. You should come over and buy me a beer.

Please don't forget, the men's and women's basketball teams aren't the only ones playing this weekend. Volleyball competes for the BIG EAST Championship with games tonight and on Sunday, and the women's soccer is in the NCAA Tournament at Valley Fields.

The Admiral likes Los Lobos, and this is great.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid meets Star Wars. Hello.

Admiral Ackbar as a 50's pin up. NOT Hello. (h/t Zach)

I'm looking for this droid. R2-D2 never looked so good.

Eddie Munster is off to rehab.

SNL gives you two spectacular reasons to watch tomorrow night.

Reminder of the two spectacular reasons to watch Modern Family.

I've got a lot of problems with you. (h/t klwillis45)

Rubie recently met Stan Lee.

So this is what it has come to? (Since I have a tattoo and a daughter, I might actually need to pick that up.)

Absurdity? How about Awesomedity.

Bambi, please leave the old lady alone.

On to Hoops:

The official AE predictions are posted right here. Feel free to ridicule me in March.

Random Facts About Prairie View A&M:

  • The Panthers are 0-4 all-time against MU and have lost all four games by a margin of 41.7 points.
  • Picked fourth in the annual SWAC preseason poll.
  • Play the Rodents in Madison on Sunday.
  • Player to Watch: #10 Junior, Michael Griffin 5'8" PG/SG
  • Coach's last name is Rimm. (Giggling like Beavis)
  • Shooting for its third consecutive winning season. The last time Prairie View strung together three straight winning campaigns: 1969 to 1973.
  • Made the NCAA tournament in 1998 without a winning record.
  • Welcomes seven newcomers to the team in 2010-11.
  • The second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas
  • Has produced more African-American three-star generals than any other higher education institution in the country.

The more you know ... Wait, you want to know random facts about Marquette, too? Well, here you go:

  • In 1923, Marquette allowed only five points in their opener against Milwaukee Normal in a 22-5 victory.
  • MU has hit the century mark twice in season openers, scoring 107 versus North Dakota (1960) and 106 against Charleston (1980).
  • The lone OT opener came against UNLV (1994), an 82-74 win.
  • Marquette is 78-15 all-time in season openers.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Todd Rosiak's game preview. Oh wait, there isn't one. But he did write a great story on Jimmy Butler a day earlier.
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Cracked Sidewalks has a predictions post here.
MUTV Sports has a nice preview.
Buycks may or may not play tonight.
Yep, Buzz has pulled in another studly recruit.
More on Mr. Wilson here.
Jamail Jones is a momma's boy.
MU is predicted as a #9 seed by Gary Parrish.
Wisportsfanatic previews the team.
Chris West previews the team.
Buzz gets mentioned in Fox Sports 68 Things to Watch List.
Did Austin Rivers trash Smarmy Tom Crean? (He's pulling a Haudricourt excuse.)
Despite not making this list, it's a great list. (Updated! They added us to the list.)
Big East football is in Big Trouble.
USA Today has a Big East Preview.
We have a Damian Saunders sighting! Plus a Pat Hazel sighting!

Random Music Video: Brassy - Play Some D (I really don't think this song is about basketball)