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11.15 Morning Coffee: 2-0 Edition

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For a good chunk of yesterday afternoon, I thought I had jinxed MU by writing this post early on Friday and calling it the "2-0 Edition." Never again, I promise.

? Brilliant. Glee? Terrible.

Willy Wonka vs. Tron.

Hello there, Scarlett Johansson.

Steve Nash: new dad on Friday, divorced on Saturday.

A very humbling story.

While growing up in Nebraska, I saw a lot of football blow outs. A lot. But they simply ran the ball down the other team's throat. But that's not Bret Bielema's style. Throwing a pass of any kind when you're leading by 56 points is bad, but a 70-yard bomb? Disgusting. Karma's a bitch, Bret, and it's coming after you.

Went to both games this weekend; I was a bit hammered on Friday night so I can't really offer up much insight and analysis except for the fact that MU scored a lot of points. Yesterday, midway through the second half, I was convinced we were going to lose. Thankfully, Marquette finally woke up and got the job done against a solid mid-major program. Overlooked (by everyone except for Mr. Kensington) in the Davante Gardner lovefest was the play of Junior Cadougan. His play helped get the run started. That's the joy of having a deep bench. Also impressive? Chris Otule. He started the game very nicely, then the offense stopped feeding him the ball. Don't get me wrong, I love the play of Gardner, but Otule played just as well on the offensive end in the first couple minutes of the game. Either way, it's just nice having some sort of real offensive threat in paint.

Jae Crowder quietly had 10/10 yesterday. He hasn't had as much impact as I thought.
Reggie Smith? Wow, that kid is fast and plays some great defense. Loved his hustle yesterday.
We're still waiting for the DJO coming out party. He hasn't done much yet this year.
Vander Blue is what you'd expect out of a freshman: sometimes really good. Sometimes, not so much.

We're 2-0 and I'm not going to complain.

Lastly, the student attendance yesterday was pathetic. Friday was great, yesterday was far from it.

If you missed the 24-0 run, watch it here.

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Random Music Video: Cake - Sick of You