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Welcome Back Brian! MU Welcomes Home Legend

Wardle? Pfffft. No, this post isn't about UW-Green Bay's new head coach.  We're talking the son of former Creighton coach (and Stan Van Gundy lookalike) Tony Barone, Brian, who's an assistant coach on Wardle's staff.

Fact: I went to High School with one of Brian Barone's brothers.  I know.  I'm kind of a big deal.

You remember Brian Barone, right? Like in '01, when he made twelve 3-pointers -- for the season, not in a single game. He also had seven blocks that year to go along with 41 turnovers! Ah, the memories.

He once scored 17 points against Tulane, which accounted for 12% of his all-time points scored at Marquette.  Plus, he was named to the Conference USA All-Academic Team. 

Barone's first season at Marquette, after sitting out a year transferring from Texas A&M, was also Smarmy Tom Crean's first season.

Want to know more? Here he is in his own words:

Welcome back to the BC, Brian!