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11.18 Morning Coffee: Posterization Edition

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Alright guys, we're off the hook. Yesterday in the comments our lone female reader, Little Miss Trouble, stated "I demand more bad behavior." So on that note, we cue the music:

Kenny Powers + Natalie Portman in a thong. Yes please.

hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm Olivia Munn.

Eva Longoria is back on the market.

The evolution of Emma Watson. (Cue the Rubie complaints)

Odd: Summerfest will be closed on July 4th.

Once again, the Admiral gets hosed.

Meet your newest nominee for Parents of the Year. (of course they're from Florida)

What Twitter was before computers.

The Cowboys and Aliens trailer has been released. Dare I say it looks awesome.

I may, or may not be featured in one of these photos.

A Joe Strummer movie? Sure.

Track 4 from the new GirlTalk
is nothing short of EPIC.

This, made me laugh.

First off, the highlight that made ESPN's top plays: D.J.O. Loved his Clay Matthews-like flexing after the dunk.

Random Thoughts:
Did we learn anything new last night? Not really. MU looks great at times and sloppy at times.
Free Throws - We'll eventually make more than 70% right? I know they don't practice them, but that's gotta get fixed.
Dwight Buycks - Playing better than anyone had hoped.
DJO - Still hasn't found his stroke, but is closer that he was 8 days ago.
Reggie Smith - 2 TO's in only 6 minutes isn't going to garner more playing time.
Jae Crowder - is a man-child. He's going to be close to a double-double every single game.
The Gardner/Otule combination in the post will be rewarding to watch all season long.
Vander Blue - Makes everything look really, really easy.
Time of Game - I'm convinced every game is going to take nearly two and a half hours to play because MU will get to the free throw line all game long. Now, just make them.

Marquette Basketball Links
Warrior Brad has his recap.
Todd Rosiak has his recap and a blog post.
CrackedSidewalks has a recap.
Green Bay Press Gazette recap.
A robot writes recaps here.
MUTV Sports recaps the game.
MUTV Sports also interviews Abed from Community.
Plenty of good seats still available for the Bud Haidet Classic.
Cracked Sidewalks with a nice Q & A w/ Todd Rosiak. We'll have our own Q & A with him in the coming weeks.
Howie Magner talks about Buzz and patience. (thanks for the link Howie!)
Novablog has Big East power rankings.
Fanhouse has a Big East preview and puts MU #7 and on the bubble.
If you look hard enough, Seth Davis mentions Davante Gardner.
A player for UTEP passed Brian Wardle and Travis Diener on the all-time scoring list in CUSA.
Bucknell won last night.

A quick look at former players in action last night:
Woah! Scott Christopherson started and was 11-11 from the field and dropped 29 points.
DJ Newbill started and scored 8 points.
Patrick Hazel had 9 points off the bench for Boston.

You know what would be nice? Getting to 100 fans on Facebook. We're currently at 64. Can you help a brother out?

Random Music Video: Firewater - Knock 'em Down "Fill your glass, get off your ass, and knock 'em down"