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A Marquette Thinker: The Best from Way Downtown

The anticipation builds for the (exhibition) debut of YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles this Saturday vs. St. John's (Mudduckland), but that's three whole days from now, and, for the time being, all's quiet on the recruiting front (though not on the "bitching about recruiting" front).  We need material, brosephs (and sisterephs), so I'm hijacking a popular feature from KL's Brew Crew Ball: the Thinker.

During the interminable baseball offseason, KL passes the time by preparing a Brewer-themed sports quiz every Thursday for his devoted readers.  Since imitation stealing is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm co-opting the Thinker for the day and giving it a Marquette-themed twist.

As you probably know, SI's Luke Winn tabbed Marquette's Darius Johnson-Odom as his Big East Breakout Candidate in his conference preview.  Winn noted that DJO is "already one of the nation's most accurate three-point shooters (at 47.4 percent)," having drained a sizzling 73 triples in 154 attempts.

In fact, if his Marquette career ended today, DJO would rank as the best three-point marksman, percentage-wise, in team history.  Thankfully (and God willing), DJO has many more games to play as a Golden Eagle, so he's not yet eligible for the list of Career Leaders for 3-Point Percentage (minimum 100 attempts).

Click on the link above to try your hand at the Sporcle quiz.  You have four (4) minutes to rattle off the top ten (10) three-point shooters in Marquette history.  Post your score in the comments (if you're not ashamed), but do not comment on any specific answer (i.e., someone who was / wasn't on the list) until tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, so everyone gets a chance to take a stab at the quiz without having it spoiled for them. If you manage to get all ten answers, tell us how much time you had left on the clock when you got the last answer.

Of course, you could find all the answers to this quiz with a quick Google search, but that'd be hella lame for a couple reasons: (1) we're not playing for money or beer or autographed copies of Twilight; and (2) you'd have to live with the shame of cheating on an Internet quiz.  You don't want that on your conscience, especially in this economy.

Have at it, and enjoy!