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11.22 Morning Coffee: Dook is Evil Edition

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Quick programming note: My plan is to have a coffee posted Monday through Wednesday this week. We've got a Q & A with Todd Rosiak of the Journal Sentinel coming on Friday, so send us your questions for Toddles. Make sure to follow Todd on Twitter for the latest on Gardner's health.

Where does the Admiral start? Do I start with the fact that someone made fraudulent charges on my debit card or do I talk Nebraska? Or do I talk that Duke is evil and must be destroyed?

Re: Nebraska. I'll leave it up to our SBNation brothers at CornNation to speak their minds. They said it better than I ever could. But seriously, if this chump from Texas A & M doesn't get suspended for doing this, the Big 12 can go DIAF.

Re: the person who hacked my account and stole my money. DIAF. Kudos to M & I Bank for catching it quickly enough and freezing my card. But bad on them for not telling me, because Christmas shopping got off to a rough start on Saturday. That was embarrassing.

Our Jesuit brethren at Creighton got hosed yesterday. The lack of video replay is shameful.

To recap, Creighton and Nebraska got hosed by the officials. Tonight Marquette plays Duke. Why do I have a feeling I already know what's going to happen tonight?

Top 10 Kids records of 2010.

This could be the greatest collection of suck ever compiled.

Mister Mister has a new record coming out.

America, your TV watching ways irritate me.


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Prediction Time: In the comments, leave your prediction for tonight's game. I'll get the ball rolling: Duke 87 - Marquette 80.

Random Music Video: Alright Marquette, how many people wanna kick some ass?