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11.23 Morning Coffee: Zag Bag Edition

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Gonzaga evil. Must be destroyed.

I had no idea Senor Chang was a Duke grad. I apologize for missing that.

Bye, bye Chilly. Another victim of Brett Favre.

Bo Pelini is sorry.

Win 22 DVDs.

Olivia Wilde talks Tron and Chris Farley.

After you lose, always blame the cheerleaders.

To quote klwillis45 "I still wanna bang Lisa Loeb"

Time to make a trip over to Scotland.

That's not a turkey.

First look at Community's claymation episode.

Random thoughts from last nights loss to Evil Duke:
- Does Dickie V wear knee pads when broadcasting a Duke game?
- Otule and Jae's defense last night wasn't very pretty. (Which makes me worried as to what Jon Leuer is going to do in the paint against those guys.
- Gardner is a stud, even when not at full strength.
- Duke players apparently don't travel.
- Dwight Buycks: 3 turnovers and 1 assist from the PG isn't going to get it done.
- DJO finally breaking out of his slump?
- Our 'deep' bench went all of 8 players last night.
- We only lost the rebound battle by 3, 36-33 although it seemed much bigger than that.
- In the end, we gave up too many easy baskets. Our transition defense was lacking and Duke exploited it. We also took too many quick shots. BUT, we lost by 5 points to the #1 team in the country. Take solace that 98% of the basketball watching public was rooting for us last night and at times, we looked pretty good. Consistency is the key. I'm not gonna complain. A loss to the Zags tonight, then I get annoyed.

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Rosiak talks Blue and Irving.
Episode 13 of Revealed was pretty solid.
This person is a loser.
Bing Crosby went to Gonzaga.

FYI - Here's our SB Nation brethren Gonzaga blog.

Random Music Video: Cobra Starship: Church of Hot Addiction