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A (Brief) Inquisition: Talkin' Gonzaga with The Slipper Still Fits

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Time's of the essence here, so I'll be brief with the introductions: when we were organizing/developing/industrializing Anonymous Eagle last spring, I asked some SBN types what type of content they were looking for, year-round, from a one-sport school that's got a six-month offseason.  In response to my question, I was told to take a look at two SBN blogs.  One was Casual Hoya.  The other was SBN's Gonzaga blog, The Slipper Still Fits.*  I started reading and I've been lurking ever since.  Trust me, TSSF is well worth your time.

* Both Jesuit institutions of higher learning, you'll notice.  Coincidence?  I think not.

ANYWAY, with YOUR Golden Eagles set to trade paint with the Zags tonight, the team at The Slipper Still Fits was kind enough to answer some questions about the Bulldogs, famous alums, and legacy students. Gracias a lot, kids.  Next time you're in Milwaukee, the first round of Jager is on us.

No time for ado -- let's go:

First things first: since you're brothers (and sisters) of the faith, I feel like we're practically family.  So I got you a present.  (I assumed you all wear smedium Ts, since you're in the trendy Pacific Northwest.)
Haha...thank you for the gift. It's good doing some bonding with a fellow Jesuit. Although, Spokane is in the Inland Northwest, so you might have to pass along some bigger shirts.

What's the latest on Elias Harris, health-wise?  He looked pretty limited yesterday.
It seems pretty clear that Elias is nowhere near 100%. Prior to the Achilles scare against SDSU, Harris had issues with his shoulder that started up during the summer when he was playing with the German National team. Explosiveness and athleticism are what made Elias so special last season, and without that, he is just a shell of the guy that was a lock to be a 1st round pick in the NBA draft.
All the HOTTT JES ON JES ACTION you can handle continues, after the jump:

What were the expectations for the Zags coming into the year?  Have they changed at all after four games?
Heading into the season, most Gonzaga fans would have expected to see this team playing in the Sweet 16 and beyond. However, in the losses to SDSU and Kansas St., a lack of toughness has emerged from this Gonzaga team. While there is certainly talent and explosiveness across the roster, without some toughness and passion, this team will be lucky to win the WCC. It may seem like an overreaction based on two losses, but it's hard to have confidence in a team that doesn't seem to have any passion.

Is John Stockton's kid on the team because he's good, or is he just a legacy?  You know, like Flounder.
David is really starting to find a niche for himself with this team. I think even if he had a different last name, he would have been a guy that the coaching staff would have looked at as a potential invited walk-on. He has a great court sense and feel for the game, but he lacks the athleticism and size to be a great player at this level. However, he is certainly much more than a legacy guy or something like that.

Finish this sentence: the player who's critical to Gonzaga's success is ...
Manigsto Arop. Arop has every physical gift you would want when building a wing. However, he has struggled in practice since coming to Gonzaga last season, and because of that, has had trouble earning playing time in games. The frustrating thing about Manny is that he typically makes a huge impact whenever he is on the court.

Who's the zone buster / three-point threat on Gonzaga's roster?


In all honesty, I'm not totally sure this team has one. If I had to choose one guy, I would probably go with Mathis Monninghoff (or as I refer to him, The Hoff ). The Hoff is a freshman from Germany who has shown the ability to light it up from the perimeter during his first couple of games in a Gonzaga uniform. Unfortunately, he still tends to defer a little too much and passes up numerous open looks throughout the game. However, when he gets in a rhythm and is shooting with confidence, he can be an elite shooter.

What can we expect defensively from Gonzaga: man, zone, a combination of the two?
I would expect you will see a combination of defenses from Gonzaga tonight. With what appears to be a nice size advantage in the frontcourt, I would anticipate seeing Mark Few open up with a zone defense, as I don't think Sacre and Harris matchup well individually with the smaller and quicker forwards that Marquette uses. With that said, you will definitely see some 2-3 zone from Gonzaga throughout the game, as well as some fullcourt pressure.

What's the best bar in Spokane to watch a Zags' game?
Jack and Dan's. This bar is right near campus and is owned by John Stockton's father (Jack). This is one of the main bars for Gonzaga students and is also where you will see the College Gameday crew when they are in Spokane for a Zags game. If you are ever in Spokane and need a ticket for a Gonzaga game, this is where you go, as tickets are being sold and traded before every game.

Favorite Gonzaga alum: John Stockton, Jason Bay, or Franklin Burgess?
I would have to go with the late Frank Burgess. [Rubie sez: Good man.  When in doubt, always go with the judge.] He was an absolutely great basketball player, and an even better person. His daughter happened to be in the same graduating class as myself and the other founder of Slipper Still Fits, so we had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. He could not have been a nicer man, and he will definitely be missed by the entire Gonzaga community.