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Game Thread #(-1): Marquette Golden Eagles vs. St. John's (MN) Johnnies

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What's that? you say.  A game thread for an exhibition game?

I was thinking the same thing, but then I realized three things: (1) we've been waiting six months for this; (2) we only get to do around 30 or 35 of these things all season as it is; and (3) we've got A LOT of bugs to work out of the system before the season starts next Friday.  Hey, it's the exhibition season for your friends at Anonymous Eagle, too.


Marquette vs. St. John's (Minnesota) 


marquette logo Pictures, Images and Photos







0-0 (0-0 Big East)
0-0 (0-0 Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)

November 6, 2010   1:00 p.m. CDT

Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Radio: ESPN 540 (Milwaukee)

SBN Coverage: ... doesn't exist for an exhibition game

Did You Know? The Johnnies are coached by former Marquette cager Jim Smith, who's in his 47th (no typo) season at the helm.  Coach Smith has racked up 713 wins in his tenure.

(And, speaking of bugs, lets address this one right away: I didn't use the Warrior logo because I'm an anti-Eagle zealot.  I put it up because I don't know if I can use the new logos without a host of attorneys coming after us.  Is there a copyright lawyer in the congregation?)

It doesn't make sense to do probable starters, key stats, or even a Beer of the Game -- unless you're keen on drinking and listening to the radio; if that's the case, by all means, enjoy a Bell's Oktoberfest, the best Oktoberfest beer ever created by God or man -- since this is an exhibition game, but, since this is an exhibition game, I'll remind everyone of the two keys to the contest:

(1) Everybody gets some run.

(2) Nobody gets hurt.

It's (sort of) on!  Let's go!