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11.8 Morning Coffee: Return of Coco Edition

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Finally, some real college basketball is upon us. I'll be at Friday's game. Who's going?

Nebraska won a hell of a game on Saturday.

Tonight marks the return of Conan. But be careful.

Don Draper and Hurley have a conversation.

The idea of a Scarlett Johansson making a Species-like movie makes me all warm and tingly on the inside.

What can I say? I like potatoes.

MTV is attempting to bring back the music video.

I call shenanigans.

Stop it nerds.

This doesn't look promising.

Coach Hawkins: this ain't intramurals, you gotta play 4 quarters.

Marquette Basketball Links
IWB shot some video at media day. This video is less about Rob Frozena and more about the out-going Journal Sentinel sports editor walking in front of IWB's camera.
Abed from Community was in town this weekend. He needs to bring Alison Brie with him next time.
Marquette won its lone exhibition game on Saturday. I wasn't there and didn't watch it, so I'm not gonna pretend to offer up any insight. Here are some links that offer up some insight:
Soft Pretzel w/ Cheese has his recap.
Cracked Sidewalks has their recap.
Todd Rosiak has a recap.
St. John's site has a recap.
Rosiak also penned a story for the St. Cloud Times.
Reminder: for every game, we'll have a game thread. Our comment system is pretty awesome. You never have to hit the refresh button.
Prior to the game, Todd talked to Jae Crowder and Erik Williams. Whoever Todd's video guy is must be major noob. Terrible lighting in the video.
Cracked Sidewalks has a preview of Prairie View A&M. They nearly beat Cinci? We're much better than Cinci.
Does the Big East regret adding Marquette? No. No, they don't.
Rush The Court talks Marquette.
Haters at WSSP be hatin.' When you're not the affiliate of Marquette basketball and have ratings near the bottom, I guess you gotta talk trash so people can pay attention to you.
Dominic James' team is now 4-0.

Random Music Video: Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel