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12.10 Morning Coffee: Hate Week Continued

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BADGER HATE WEEK has been a blast. But we're not done yet. [Rubie sez: we're not? Uh oh.] And now Madison has gone and tarnished Al.

I had no idea Dick Van Dyke was still alive.

What the hell is Tron?

Pure Awesome.

Best Magazines of 2010.

Women: more trampy and obese than ever before.

What's really in that box of Lucky Charms.

Hot women in tiny outfits talk about animals.

Word Association Time!
Marquette Gold, Wisconsin Red.
Marquette Black, Wisconsin White.
Marquette Switchables, Wisconsin Traditional
Marquette Buzz-cut, Wisconsin Bo-ned.
Marquette Good, Wisconsin Evil. Must Be Destroyed.

The Badgers Christmas Card.

Badger fans love to say this game doesn't matter, but I find two things curious: for one, they never stop telling us how much they don't care about Marquette, and, for another, they never shut up about it if UW wins.

Just remember: a Golden Eagle is a killing machine.

Now behold, Rubie's EPIC Hitler meme video

Prediction time: Both teams are 7-2 and neither team has "good" win on its resume. If the game was at the Kohl Center, I'd go with the Badgers, but since Bo is such an average coach on the road, I'm going with Marquette. MU 72, UW 65. Who you got?

One last cheap shot at UW, which features this gem:

Schneider concluded former basketball coach Bill Cofield did not know about the loan guarantee, but current coach Steve Yoder, Yoder`s former assistant Bo Ryan and associate athletic director Otto Breitenbach learned of the loan guarantee and tried to get it transferred.

Oh, and this was a part of that too:

The Badgers also will forfeit 22 basketball games won during Blackwell`s three seasons (`81-`82 through `83-`84) at Wisconsin.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Ken Pom has the game a 64-63 loss to UW.
Rosiak has a recap from yesterday's media availability. story on Vander.
MU-UW gets mentioned in this ESPN article.
Hey look! We got mentioned in a Madison paper.
PocketDoppler talks a bit about the game.
Brandon Jennings respects Wesley Matthews.
TCU can come to the Big East as long at they bring the girls.
Our student section needs to be like this.
Wesley Matthews interview.
Bowling? Seriously, state schools are a joke. Here's how the exam went.

What is 3 strikes in bowling called?
A. Rooster
B. Chicken
C. Turkey

If you answered C, you're now eligible to play for the University of Tennessee!

Random Music Video: Beastie Boys - Sabotage