Red Tinted Delusions

Of course, the most crazy of fans populate the various message boards, but the Badger basketball fans inhabit a special place of delusion.  Let's delve into that place with a few choice nuggets pulled from the Badger Scout board, manned by the most Bo-rific person on earth, BadgerManiac.

[Regarding Vander Blue]


"As it turns out, there is a God!  Quite frankly Blue fits on Marquette.  He is undisciplined and would rather look good than be good.  If Blue were still at UW, it would only be a matter of time before he failed out..  I am sure he's getting straight As over there."


"Blew was distracted... he has a big spelling quiz on Monday and is running low on crayons.  Maybe Vander can make himself useful by going and getting fat boys Scuzz and Gardner some Big Macs or something at the drive-thru.  Have to love taking the manhood of those boy-lovers over in Milwaukee on their homecourt (or at least the court they rent)."

[Obviously not a rivalry]


"I root for Marquette to lose every game they play.  Why would I cheer for them to do good as a badger fan."


"What Marquette is really bad at

4. Having proper instruments in their pep band. For some reason they think winds instruments are worth having in a pep band... and they prominently feature an instrument that doubles as a Fisher Price toy."

 Oooooh, some crazy band smack - that hurts

[On the Joe Fulce injury]


"Or, the medical staff says he's not good to go this year and would benefit from a redshirt to finish his career next year. Dr. Buzz steps in though and diagnoses the situation as career-ending and sends him packing. It's not hard to read Buzz's comments and see that is the situation he is setting up."


"with all the recent guard recruits buzz has promised PT to, you can be sure he doesn't want fulce around any longer than he already has been."

[Regarding Jimmy Butler]

Badger8843 wrote: "The kid is a good basketball player but why was it everytime he made a layup or a jump shot he would yell or scream like KG. I can see if its a big time play but he did it after a layup in the first couple minutes of the game, like really? A 5th grader can make a layup, dumbase"


"It is a cultural thing... exactly why it is easier to pull for UW."


"have always said that team waste so much energy celebrating the smallest of victories in the first half of any game.

Act like you have been there. In general they are the most demonstrative team in the country.  And is it me or do they have 50 people out there for every time out."

[General insanity since Marquette is "threaten(ing) innocent people's employment]


"there were numerous bailots - I think 4 or 5 in a row early in the 2nd - and at some point the refs just stopped.  How many times can you put your head down throw one up and get the call?

That MU  team is in real trouble.  Today was a program win.  Philosophies in both recruiting and how to play were loud and clear. 

All I heard in the of fseason was Vander Blue/top 10 recruiting class/we play fast/athletic/UW slow/UW white/Vander Blue/we have passed UW/crewcuts/farmboys/all white recruiting class/Vander Blue blah blah blah

Karma today.  When you threaten innocent people's employment because of someone else's honest opinion about how a kid is treated you get karma.  

BTW, how could the Badgers have won without playing in the Pro-am?  We were told what an idiot BO was for not have Leuer go and get tackled by Russ Grimm or whatever his name is.   When I read the Pro Am reports I thought MU had 4-5 lottery picks and was 12 deep.  But July is not basketball season I guess.

What happened to DJO? Have they ruined him.  He was a great player last year."

 [Josh Gasser - future All-American and humanitarian]


"Well Vander certainly isn't the basketball player that Gasser is. Maybe if he would have been smart and gone to UW, Bo would develop his game so he wouldn't just have to score on break aways and free throws."


"Gasser scored on two drives to the basket with the shot clock winding down. He's 1-0 against the team that didn't bother taking a look at him."