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12.13 Morning Coffee: Moving On Edition.

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We lost, they won, it sucks, we move on. Vandy is the only chance we have left for a quality non-conference win.

The Metrodome collapse is a sign from God that the franchise should move to L.A., now.

What's worse: being humiliated at home by a good team, or on the road to a humiliating franchise?

The lady in the Tron sequel, Olivia Wilde, leads this Hot Women of Sci-Fi List.

Well, that's an unfortunate last name.

The worst Christmas costumes? More like the best.

America, I've given up on you.

The Cup Size Choir? Brilliant.

Top 10 TV shows of 2010.

Katy Perry shows her Christmas spirit.

Kevin's older brother from the Wonder Years is in wrestling?

Susan Sarandon's hot daughter is off the market.

Yep, Phil Hartman is still missed.

Quick Random Thoughts on the game against the Rodents
- We're not a very good team and neither are the rodents. Come tournament time this will be viewed as a 'bad' loss.
- Not surprisingly, the Rodent fan next to me was annoying, arrogant and clueless. Sorry, but Otule doesn't need to be ejected for "undercutting" Leuer. It's called trying to draw a charge, you nitwit.
- Dear Bo (A)Ryan: just because your tall white stiffs have their hands in the air doesn't mean they didn't foul. Stop whining about that. Body contact = foul.
- Jimmy Butler missing the front end of back-to-back bonus FTs were a killer.
- We were in the bonus with ten minutes to go and couldn't make a run.
- Not making a run when Leuer was out was crushing.
- Vander Blue is hands down the best player on the team. Why he wasn't guarding Jordan Taylor from start to finish is beyond me.

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Sorry, but this game is a rivalry. What team in the entire country doesn't want state bragging rights?
NBA talent? Hell, I want NCAA talent on my team.

Random Music Video: GUNTHER!!!!!! Christmas Song