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Everything I Know About the Commodores, By A Kid Raised In the Video Game Generation

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As you've probably heard, YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles haven't faced the Vanderbilt Commodores since the early 1970s.  Accordingly, my knowledge of Vanderbilt's history, preferred style of play, et cetera, is severely limited.

That said, I was able to get my hands on this scouting video, which tells you all you need to know about the Commodores.  Er, Commodore:

As you can see, the Commodores are a versatile squad: well disciplined (it's almost military-like, wouldn't you say?), quick on the ground, adept at dodging enemy defenses, and capable of bombing away from long range.  We're going to have our hands full here.

What, you came here for serious basketball analysis?  You're in the wrong place, my friends -- but through the power of the Internets and like a helpful townsperson in Simon's Quest, I'm able to point you in the right direction:

Genteel Southerner bamamarquettefan brought Cracked Sidewalks back from its long winter's nap with this thorough preview of Vanderbilt:

Prior to the season, Fox Sports picked both Vanderbilt and Marquette among the top 12 backcourts in the country, however the bigger matchup concern for MU tomorrow night will be keeping Vandy off the offensive glass.

Vanderbilt is also the 8th tallest team in the country and 6-foot-11 Festus Ezeili is the 11th best offensive rebounder in the country - grabbing an incredible 18.2% of all of Vanderbilt's misses when he is on the court. MU hasn't seen anyone that good yet, though unfortunately we will during trips to Pitt (Dante Taylor) and Georgetown (Julian Vaughn).

Genteel Northerner (and Professional Journalist) Todd Rosiak notes the difference between last year's Big East Opener Eve game vs. Presbyterian and this year's roadie vs. an excellent Vanderbilt squad:

When MU (9-3) takes to the court at Memorial Gym it will be looking to both bolster a resume that, to this point, lacks even one quality win and at the same time create a positive trampoline effect heading into the New Year's Day opener against West Virginia.

"They're very, very, very good," said coach Buzz Williams of Vanderbilt.

"They're two possessions away from being undefeated. They got beat by West Virginia at the very end, got beat at Missouri in overtime in a one-possession game. Really, really well-coached, extremely talented roster, great balance from top to bottom.

For what it's worth, Ken Pomeroy predicts an eight-point Vanderbilt win tonight.

Our friends at SBN's Vanderbilt blog, Anchor of Gold, offer this grammatically-incorrect and oddly-scare-quoted cartoon, featuring ... someone standing in front of something.  I dunno.  If you get it, maybe you can explain it to me.