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12.8 Shot of Expresso

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I'm too lazy to do a full on morning coffee, so here's just a quick shot of espresso. Then we can return to our regularly scheduled BADGER HATE WEEK. I'd offer my random thoughts on the game, but I didn't watch it, as I was watching Glee. (This may or may not be a true statement.) Fully-caffeinated Badger Hate Morning Coffee will be ready on Friday morning.

Tomorrow night is the stop-motion claymation episode of Community starring MU alum Danny Pudi. If you don't watch it, you're probably a Badger fan.

Katy Perry dresses as Jessica Rabbit.

Stay classy Sheboygan.

12 Christmas songs by hipsters.

Pitt needs a new football coach. And Steve Pederson is gonna make the hire? Good luck with that Pitt.

Tracy Morgan explains Star Wars.

Although dead, Leslie Nielsen still knows how to throw a party.

Metallica is going soft.

Marquette Basketball Links:
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AP recap.
Reader Brew Town Andy submits his Badger Hate.
The Big East is currently 4-1 against Big 10 teams and will be 5-1 after Saturday afternoon.

Random Music Video: Rubie's Theme Song