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BADGER HATE WEEK: Fun Facts About BADgers!

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The scientific name for the American badger is Taxidea taxus.  The American badger is the second-biggest weasel in the country, trailing the wolverine by a considerable margin.

Male badgers are typically larger than female badgers, but both the male and female badgers are easily recognized by their distinctive head markings and large claws.

Badgers have a reputation for being aggressiveferocious fighters, but that's more myth than fact.  Truth is, badgers are actually quite timid and will flee when threatened by a predator.

Badgers don't have very many threats in the wild, but there are reports of predation on badgers by coyotes, cougars, bobcats -- and golden eagles.

You've probably heard stories about badgers doing battle with poisonous snakes, cited as proof that badgers are courageous creatures.  Don't be deceived.  Fighting an animal that can kill you with one well-placed nip shows that badgers are dimwitted, not brave.

In rare instances, a psychologically-stressed badger will attack its own young.  It's very unfortunate, but it's common to most rodents: when times get tough, they turn on their own.

Badgers don't wear shoes, for obvious reasons.

Badgers, as you probably know, dig for much of their food, and they're known to store their treats in burrows to make sure other animals don't find them.