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Big East Tournament Preview, Day 3

[Rubie sez: now performing on the main stage is the first of our contributors, Admiral Ackbar, S.J. Hands down, the Admiral is one of the best bloggers in Wisconsin.  Let's hope we don't scare him away too quickly.]

Admiral Ackbar, S.J. here with my first post on the Anonymous Eagle. I'm the links guy. I don't bring original thoughts or ideas, just links.  And sometimes, even the links don't work.

With that warning, let's go!

So Lunardi finally put MU into his "Lock" column. What took you so long, ya bum?

Did MU's win cost Norm Roberts his job?  Fifteen other BEast schools say: "We hope not."

NBE Basketball Recaps Day 2 of the BET.

BET is March Madness.

If you've been following along on Quevedo at the Buffet, we've been previewing -- briefly -- each game in the Big East tourney with a song. Since it's 3-11 Day, today's match-ups gets a 311 song

Marquette - Nova: "Something Out of Nothing" - Pretty much what Buzz has done with this team

Syracuse - G'Town: "Come Original" - Old school original members of the Big East; should be a good ol' fashioned slobberknocker, as Jim Ross would say.

PITT - Notre Dame: "Beautiful Disaster" - What's more shocking: that Notre Dame changed to Big Ten-style basketball with six games left in its schedule, or that Notre Dame converted to B11 ball and started winning?

Cinci - West Virginia: "All Mixed Up" - Huggy Bear on the WVU sideline?  In a track suit?  That don't look right.