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That's What They Said

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Here's a quick recap of what's been said about Marquette and the win over Villanova in the last 24 hours or so.

First and foremost, go over to MUTV Sports right now. Don't even stop to read this next sentence.  If you didn't listen: they've got three solid videos with interviews with Fran Franschilla and Jay Bilas.

SI's Luke Winn: Buzz and the Buddha, Living in the now.

Lazar Hayward: "When we have a coach like Buzz, we can look into his eyes, we can see that we're all right." Quotes like that are the reason I love Buzz and this team.

Experience is what MU brings to the table. Yet at the beginning of the season it was Marquette's inexperience.

Winks from the Bucky Channel is on the bandwagon. Welcome aboard!

Philadelphia Inquirer game recap: There was nothing fancy about anything the Golden Eagles did offensively. They just passed and passed until the Wildcats made a mistake or were slow getting to a spot, and then drained open shots with frightening regularity.

From ESPN: MU living in the present.

Cracked Sidewalks looks at how David Cubillan shut down his prep school teammate Dr. Scottie Reynolds.

MUScoop points out that Buzz is a youtube star.

Todd Rosiak's always-stellar game recap can be found right here.

NY Times Quad blog. They have former player Zach Hillesland live blogging.

If CBS doesn't put Gus Johnson on a MU game, they're idiots.

NBE Basketball Report has a BET Day 3 Recap.

Unrelated to the BET, but FanHouse has a story on Marquette great Wesley Matthews - Proud to be a momma's boy.

On to Georgetown!

DJO - You've got the touch, you've got the power!