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Marquette Golden Eagles (22-10, 11-7) vs. Georgetown Hoyas (22-9, 10-8)

THIS is why it's such a big deal to be in the Big East: you beat a storied (if currently down-on-its-luck) program in St. John's, follow that up by playing a storied 'Nova program that went to the Final Four last year, and then go on to play a storied program in Georgetown that's already beaten two likely No. 1 seeds in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

Doesn't exactly make you long for the days of Houston and TCU and East Carolina, does it?

This is the kind of HOTT JESUIT ON JESUIT ACTION that you didn't get in Conference USA.

After the jump: game notes, cherry-picked stats, and your officially unofficial AE-sanctioned beer.

At 6:00 p.m., YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles and their impressively-drenched coach take on the wily Georgetown Hoyas and some member of John Thompson's kin. Both teams are playing their third game in as many days, and both had to fight like hell yesterday to get here, so let's hope our prayers to St. Christopher got to his inbox before Georgetown's did.

If you missed Warrior Brad's preview of the game, check it out -- I ain't about to repeat the points he's already made.

Without commercial interruption, here are the numbers you need to know to impress the pants of your friends, family, and pets:


Points per game: Lazar Hayward, 18.2 ppg; Jimmy Butler, 14.8 ppg; Darius Johnson-Odom, 13.1 ppg

Rebounds per game: Lazar Hayward, 7.8 rpg; Jimmy Butler, 6.5 rpg; Joe Fulce, 3.2 rpg

Assists per game: Maurice Acker, 3.8 apg; David Cubillan, 2.8 apg; Darius Johnson-Odom, 2.3 apg


Turnovers per game: Greg Monroe, 3.3 topg; Chris Wright, 2.3 topg; Jason Clark, 2.0 topg

Fouls per game: Jason Clark, 2.7 fpg; Greg Monroe, 2.5 fpg; Chris Wright, 2.4 fpg

Lowest field goal percentage: Vee Sanford, .364; Hollis Thompson, .413; Jerrelle Benimon, .429


The kids at Casual Hoya offered us a Currs Light, but that swill would give me the trots. Instead, let's go with Central Waters Shine On. Shine on, you magnificent Marquette bastards.

Enjoy the game, and bring me home a winner.