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Garroted! Georgetown 80 - Marquette 57

Marquette was dealt a cold dose of reality on Friday night at MSG. What happens when you:

  1. Play a far superior team?
  2. Play a tall, skilled team?
  3. Play a team with the league's best center?
  4. Play on your third straight day?
  5. Only get 24 minutes from the bench?
  6. Play a team that back cuts your dead-ass legs until you can't stand?

It was a grisly last 11 minutes as Georgetown finished the game on a 24-6 run. All MU was able to muster was 6 total points, 2 made field goals and uncounted slumped shoulders. MU ran out of gas against a far superior team and the Hoyas plunged the dagger in with ferocity. It was the Greg Monroe show as he put up a sublime 23-13-7 line. In other stats of importance, Georgetown outrebounded Marquette 40-18 and MU shot 30% (6-20) from 3-point range.

Onto the award section:

Most Valuable Player: Maurice Acker. Hey, it has to go to someone. Little Mo scored 16 points, shot 7-11 from the field and didn't turn the ball over.

Guy I Never Want to See Again Award: Greg Monroe. Go to the NBA and don't bother us ever again, unless you have a brother. He's difficult to double down on because of his passing ability and quickness and impossible to defend one-on-one with a 6'5" forward. Go get your millions and give us a fighting chance in the Verizon Center next year.

EZBoner Bad Call of the Game: Could it go to anyone other than Jim Burr? DJO fouled Austin Freeman on the left side of the basket; Freeman took two steps and then made a reverse layup. Of course, that basket counted.