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Your Sunday Morning Bracket Update.

Here's what Those In The Know had to say about YOUR Marquette Golden Eagles' potential seeding in the NCAA Tournament:

CBS Sportsline's Jerry Palm has 8th-seeded Marquette playing 9th-seeded Northern Iowa, with Kansas (and Tyshawn the Traitor) as the No. 1 seed.'s Andy Glockner, who Warrior Brad points out is a budding Peter King*, has Marquette as a 7-seed vs. Old Dominion in The OKC (Rome'd), with Kansas State looming in the second round.

* Andy's not actually a budding Peter King, since he's shown that he can laugh at a joke made at his expense.  That, and he's not giving minute-by-minute recaps of his daughter's softball games.

After moving Marquette down to a 10 seed following the win over 'Nova, then up to a 9 after the loss to Georgetown, Joe Lunardi continues his pattern of erratic behavior by moving Marquette to an 8 seed, playing 9th-seeded UTEP in Jacksonville.  DOOK awaits the winner.

The Sunday update of SBN's Blogging the Bracket, has MU as a 7 seed facing St. Mary's in OKC.  K-State, with it's foam-headed, bare man armed mascot and Russian mob muscle coach loom in the second round.  Warning to MU fans - you will hear "The Wabash Cannonball" played 782 times during the game.  Nearly as grating as Rocky Top. has Marquette as a 7 seed.  Rivals doesn't list match-ups, but their 10 seeds are Old Dominion, Georgia Tech, Cal, and San Diego State.

Rush the Court lists Marquette amongst the 8 seeds.  Again, no match-ups, but the 9s are Cal, UTEP, Florida State, and Luah'ville.

Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News also dumps your Golden Eagles in 8-seed hell.  The 9 seeds are listed as Notre Dame, Northern Iowa, San Diego State, and Georgia Tech.

Bracketology 101 is furiously working to complete its last bracket, so we're stuck with Saturday's projection, which had Marquette as a 9 vs. Clemson, with the Jayhawks licking their chops in Round 2.

The Bracket Project averages Marquette as an 8 seed.  Ugh.  I'd rather be an 11 or 12 than 8/9.  But, repeat with me: "IT'S ALL GRAVY.  IT'S ALL GRAVY.  IT'S ALL GRAVY."

That's where things stand now.  We'll do an open thread later this afternoon, after Minnesota (GO GOPHS) and Ohio State get done tripping over each other.  (Aside: an ELEVEN-POINT FIRST HALF by the team that finished second in your conference?  Big 11 basketball -- CATCH THE FEVER.)

Until then: RING OUT AHOYA.