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It's Game Day, Fire Up Marquette!

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I hope all of you have recovered from drinking yourselves silly yesterday. Your liver has until 6:20 to recover and start over again.

One minute I think Marquette is gonna win, the next minute I start to second guess myself. This team has the potential to make a run to the Elite Eight, but just as easily could be eliminated in the first round.

Can MU slow down the Huskies? Will MU hit some shots beyond the arc? Doesn't matter, in the end you know it's coming down to the final minute and who can hit their free throws. This game is a toss up, nobody knows who's going to win. Either way it's going to be damn entertaining. Is it 6:20 yet?

Rosiak gets right to the point, MU needs DJO tonight.

Seattle times writer Percy Allen has a game preview.

Another Seatte Times writer says it is a golden opportunity for UW.

MUTV Sports has some video from San Jose.

The Athletic Dept also has some video from San Jose.

Marquette is the only school that is on the new SI cover - three times!

Pressure is nothing new for MU and UW.

Basketball Prospectus has this to say:

My personal choice as the game to watch in the East region first round. For one thing it's a virtual toss-up, with Buzz Williams' team being such a slight favorite as not to concern us unduly. And you can watch a lot of first round games in this tournament before you come across two senior standouts like Quincy Pondexter and Lazar Hayward. Pondexter is wrapping up a criminally overlooked year of relentless yet highly efficient paint attacks. And Hayward entered the season knowing he would have to carry this team. (Though make no mistake, 47 percent three-point shooting from emerging sophomore Darius Johnson-Odom has certainly come in handy as well.)

The clash in styles should be no less interesting. Marquette's a perimeter-oriented team that sinks their threes and goes slow. (Williams has more players shooting over 45 percent on their threes than some entire conferences.) The Huskies figure to control the glass on both ends and are single-handedly resisting the Pac-10's otherwise unanimous shift toward a Big Ten pace. Neither team commits many turnovers. I want to see this game.

ESPN's Pat Forde has MU's Best Case Scenario:

The lilliputian Golden Eagles take America's coolest uniforms to the Elite Eight. Marquette fans shave their heads to be like coach Buzz Williams. Lazar Hayward tells the world, "Hi, I'm criminally underrated," averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds over three games as "Cardiac 'Quette" beats Washington, New Mexico and West Virginia by a combined five points -- running its season record to 11-8 in games decided by five points or fewer. Nervous system taxed all season, many Eagles fans finally snap when Maurice Acker, David Cubillan and Hayward take turns winning games on last-second shots. Babies are born prematurely, blood-pressure medicine sales rise and drinking spikes. (Which is saying something at Marquette.) The big shot goes the other way in the regional final against Kentucky, when John Wall sinks one at the buzzer, but the Eagles make it two rounds farther than Wisconsin.

Click here for his Worst Case Scenario. It's too painful to reprint here.

Cracked Sidewalks crunches the numbers.

More reading material after the jump. Jump on it.

President Obama picked Marquette to win.

The Muncie Star Press has a feature on Maurice Acker.

UW guard Isaiah Thomas is playing with a broken hand.

Digital Sports Daily previews MU-UW.

Seattle Sportsnet: Everything you need to know about Marquette.

Still filling out your brackets? Forget the sexy sleeper pick.

LA Times has a quick preview of the game.

Joe Lunardi picks MU in the Sweet 16.

Some blogger at CBS thinks MU-UW isn't worth watching.

Suite 101 predicts at MU win over UW, but falls to New Mexico.

Sports Betting Edge has Marquette beating Washington, barely.

Can a 6 seed be a Cinderella? Bet Firms thinks so.

This betting man thinks MU doesn't play very good defense and picks UW.

Wow, Seton Hall a complete and utter trainwreck. Player who is a CP? Check. Fired psychotic coach? Check. Player arrested for kidnapping, robbery, burglary and possession of a weapon? Check. Still not in bad as shape as DePaul? Check.

And as always we finish with a music video, You're The Best....Around