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Monday Morning Coffee: 3.29

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Here is what's being said across the interwebs in regards to Marquette basketball, Big East and anything else I find interesting.....I used to do this feature daily over at my old blog....but this, at least during the offseason, will be a once a week feature.

Speaking of things that interest me: Erin Andrews and that Pussycat Dolls chick on Dancing With The Stars. Not ashamed to admit that I watch it.

Duke, West Virginia, Butler and Michigan State. Seriously, how the hell does Tom Izzo do it? The man owns the NCAA Tournament.

So who you going with? I've got MSU over Butler and West Virginia over Duke.

West Virginia over MSU for the national title. John Denver will be blasted over the loud speakers in Indy.

Buzz held a post season recap session with the media. Todd Rosiak has bad posture.

Buzz Williams apparently did well on TV.

Former coach Kevin O'Neill has promoted former player Tony Miller.

An MU alum talks about his love-hate relationship with Marquette.

Seton Hall has landed a new Head Coach.

Central Florida to the Big East?

Congrats to Butler for making the Final Four.

Wall Street Journal - All About the Butler Bandwagon.

Cinderella is here, but so are the step-sisters.

A guy who wrote a crappy movie apologized.

I may be out of shape, but my man boobs aren't this big.

24, after jumping the shark years ago, is finally going away.

7 Things to worry about leading up to the Lost series finale.

Tale of the Tape - Tiger Woods vs. Jesse James.

Phil Collins struggles to play the drums.

Worst follow-up albums ever.

Nice dress Katy Perry.

And, as always, a random music video to close things out. Since I saw him last weekend at the Riverside Theater, David Gray.