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Monday Morning Coffee - Monster Cans Edition

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On this day, one year ago I became a dad. Scary thought, huh? Seriously, this last year has been the best year of my life. Thanks Lilly.

Sorry kids, I'm not playing pass the critter.

I wish had would have had $399 back in the 80's.

That red head from Mad Men with monster cans tops Esquire's hot women list.

I'll be with the cool kids at a TweetUp on Thursday, will you?

Chris Farley was supposed to be the voice of Shrek.

Kick Ass did not at the box office.

MU Basketball related links:

MUST READ: If you had any doubt about what kind of person Buzz Williams is, read this.
Joe Chapman update: scroll ahead to page 6-7. (Rumor has it he's dating D-Wade's sister.)
Marquette was named the top Catholic Party school by Playboy.
Fanhouse has a painfully early Big East Preview. Puts MU at #9.
NBE Basketball report talks D.J. and Jae.
Story on a special MU fan.
Basketball wasn't the only sport signing people -- the golf team signed two.

Good news for us, Greg Monroe is going pro. Casual Hoya is now Sad Hoya.

ESPN has told NCAA: you have our best offer, we're not going any higher.

Oh look, the Bucks are in the playoffs and didn't fair so well.

Did one of my favorite writers play against Allen Iverson?

I'm currently craving a cheese runza.

Need a link/babe fix the rest of the week? Check out Daybreak Doppler.

This link is for Anonymous Eagle reader (but too lazy to comment) Dan Wells. It's the USC song girls.

The best Drunk Driving story of the day.

Cool, Muse is coming to town.

We close with a random music video. Ozomatli, the greatest live band on the planet has a new album come out tomorrow. Here's something from their last album